Yay! Kuroshitsuji’s Illusive OST finally gets a release date!

Wot! Kuroshitsuji getting a Second Season?!!! Where’s the OST? Me want!
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Thoughts on Season 2 announcement:
The Kuroshitsuji fandom’s hype and love for all things Kuroshitsuji has garnered the anime series a second season. Seems that the producers are amazed and impressed with the success and popularity of the series debut, enough to want to milk some more dosh of out its popularity. Not that I’m oppose to seeing more of my beloved demon butler and his bratty shota master but how the heck are they going to continue with the story when Season one ended the way it did? Most, if not all thought the ending is rather conclusive.

As much as I enjoyed the entertainment value of the debut season, I equally dislike the anime only plots and storyline especially the stupendous “Angela/Ash/Loli queen/demon dog” arc. The entire arc was laughable and nonsensical. The only saving grace was the execution of the final scenes…that was beautifully done with the right music, mood and atmosphere. Are the writers going to go back and stick in the canon plots? They pretty much destroyed the Indian arc with the messy changes they made to merge the Ash/Angela bits into it. I hope they don’t intend to do that again if they’re going to animate the ongoing Circus arc storyline from the manga.

Indeed, I am curious to see how the Studio is going to pull off Season 2. It’s all nice to introduce cool new characters and such but bad story telling is bad. No more sullying my lovely butler and his shota love with stupid plots please. Anyway, the studio will be holding a special event for the anime opening sometime in January 2010. For more info, checkout the official anime site at www.kuroshitsji.tv.

Finally, News on the OST!
And now let’s get back to my thread title…lolz. So misleading eh?! The one thing I keep checking up on is news concerning Kuroshitsuji’s OST. We got the OP/ED Singles but never anything on the animation soundtrack. It came to my mind that perhaps because they are planning for a second season, the OST release is held back/delayed. Therefore, with the official announcement out of the way, the soundtrack finally gets a release date and it is slated to be released on 26-Aug-2009. I’ll include the info on my animation soundtrack page. So then, I’m done with my babblings and can finally *whoops* for joy and yay! for more Sebastian love….*(^O^)* (^w^)

Info on the OST Release:
黒執事サウンドコンプリート BLACK BOX
【期間生産限定盤】 2009/8/26 RELEASE
品番:SVWC-7646 / 価格:\3,990 (税込)


・Disc 1 & 2 黒執事サウンドトラック(作曲:岩崎琢)
・Disc 3

see: official website

Source: ANN, kuroshitsuji.tv

**Newsflash: The Kuroshitsuji’s Sound Complete OST is released!  My review of the OST can be read here.

21 thoughts on “Yay! Kuroshitsuji’s Illusive OST finally gets a release date!

  1. Oh, I can’t wait! I loved Kuroshitsuji the first time around so maybe the second season will be better. But I actually thought the anime ended in the first season when Sebastian killed Ciel, but I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of people saying that he couldn’t kill Ciel since the symbol/contract was on the hand that was blown off so he couldn’t hold the contract. But it’s the year 2010 so hopefully it’ll come out soon.


  2. ok yay a 2nd season cant wait but the thing as ChaChan said we are all thinking how will they continue the series will the story continue for ciel and sebby or are we gonna have some new charactors to take the lead and(i dont know if anyone else is thinking the same thing about this)when the hell are ciel and sebastian gonna kiss already???


    1. ayumikat

      Rumours/speculations have been floating around that the studio may be introducing completely new characters sans Sebastian and Ciel. Well, my take is that we won’t know anything for sure until the studio make an announcement regarding Season 2’s airing at a special event later this month on Jan 31, 2010 in Yokohama. But I must admit I will be disappointed if the Studio is going to create their own anime original that has no relation with the original manga’s characters…The Black Butler can’t happen w/o Sebastian or Ciel…but that’s just me. 😛


  3. ChaChan

    OK, is it me or is it that we ALL think the same thing should happen? No, that didnt make sense, but anyway~
    Ciel and Sebby-Chan should NOT die, and neither should the adorable Finny :3
    C’mon people, who loves Finny too x3!? Oh, wait, no one was dying except Ciel… Uhm… How aobut this, people? If Sebby-Chan kills Ciel in the 2nd Season, we all go on a rant and kill the Studio~! xD


  4. mangafreak

    i hope that ciel and Sebastian will appear in the second season.can’t wait…..and the OVA sucks it is wasting my money it lasted only for a few minutes…!!!ARG…….just to let you know i’m a fan of kuroshitsuji(NO.1FAN)hahahaha


  5. I will never watch season tow if ciel is dead so i wish that he isn’t dead and if my wish didn’t come true i will get crazy and
    crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and crazy and
    hate the anime i on’t wanna hate the anime but i don’t wana watch it without ciel T_T i peg you seb-chan don’t ever eat
    ciel T_T


    1. ayumikat

      @ciel.96, Kuroshitsuji won’t be Kuroshitsuji if it’s without the two main protagonists. So I can safely say that Ciel & Sebastian will be back for Season 2. Maybe your question (& mine) would be how the heck are they going to resurrect Ciel? Maybe Sebby didn’t suck his soul after all and let him live for a bit more because it’s fun for the demon to toy with his prey. XDDD.


  6. Jess

    Personally i loved the whole story ^.^ I’m a big fan and I just don’t get why people hate what the studio did to the anime. It’s more Sebastian and Ciel people! You’d think you would want that. Anyway, i can’t wait for the next season! I wanna see what the studio will do for the plot after the first season’s ending! XD


  7. ThornOfTheRose

    I’m actually a little worried about how season 2 will come out. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait. However, what if they try to take out the original characters? I loved them all ssssoooooo much. Both the anime and the manga were good for different reasons. Please let season 2 be as good as the first. SEBASTIAN, PLEASE DON’T EAT CIEL!!!!!


    1. ayumikat

      Kuroshitsuji won’t be Kuroshitsuji without the two main characters i.e. Sebastian and Ciel. So, I don’t think the producers will replace them. Indeed, it will be interesting how the writers are going to plot the second season with the kind of ending we had is S1. My curiosity is getting the better of me at this point… xD


  8. MiZuKo-ChaN

    When I watched the last episode at the end I was like ” wow…wait!!Is it really gonna end that way?!o.O ” I mean HELLO!!You didn’t see actually what happened right?Yeah we all saw Sebastian get closer to Ciel…but not and what happened then…actually I was thinking ’till the very end that something was gonna happen and Sebastian won’t kill Ciel…stupid me?
    ^-^’…Anyways I really look foreward to the second season,’cause I really liked Kuroshitsuji alot!!


  9. That’s great news, but I can’t find the OST anywhere yet 😛

    I am also very excited about the next season. Hopefully, I’ll cover it just like I did the first one 🙂

    Clearly, Angela, just like Voldemort, will return – only without the Ash part 😛


    1. ayumikat

      Oh yes you can. CDJAPAN already has the info up on their site. It’s up for pre-order. I’ve also updated my Animation Soundtrack Releases page to include the new info a couple of days ago.

      Wahaha…I expect Angela to be domesticated as Phantomhive servant after that beating she-man got at the hands of Sebas-chan. 😆 😛


  10. Naeluna

    I extremely squealed at the fact that they were making a new season, but it makes me wonder how in the world will they add the second installment to fit the first. The first was totally “case closed” for me. I just, dear to God, hope that they will not make the second a waste of my time. ❤


  11. Mito

    Ouw! My sebastian come back! I thought there’ll be d 2nd season cause the ending isn’t so clear??! Akh! Sebastian i know you only want ciel don’t you? Be sure back to me or else!!


  12. The Cat

    I agree with you about the 2nd season announcement! I had a definite “Yay!” moment, followed by, “Wait…how is that going to work?!” I thought the anime ending wrapped things up pretty tightly…


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