07-Ghost Episode 10 – Bind, Sleep, Pain

Episode 10:That is But One Form of Atonement(それはただひとつの償い)

~Bhagavad Gita~

Favourite Pic of the Episode: Frau, what a dish bish! (*¬*)
Frau is love,07-Ghost
What’cha looking at? Come hither, babe!

This feels like a cooling off episode after all the drama that has taken place over the last two episodes. It was rather an enjoyable one aside from the boring repetitive flashbacks and Teito going all emo, again. The funeral scenes were very pretty and the piano version of the ED theme adds a nice touch. The bishops look lovely in their all black smart and crisp mourning attire. Teito finally had a change of clothes. He was looking pretty neat in the new outfit too. I was getting bored of the white tattered rags he’s been wearing since episode 2…lolz. But Frau looks the best…well, can’t help that I’m biased.

The most fun part was Michael/Mikhail’s appearance. Mikhail stole the spotlight from Teito. He was way cooler and snarky than Teito would ever be, not to mention cute. I like the way he mocks Castor and Frau for not knowing who he is and doubting his God status…lol. I mean, how could you not like this face?! What an adorable brat! Too bad we won’t always see him.
07-Ghost,Eye of Michael,Mikhail

I gotta say that Castor is one spooky bishop. The way he goes about smiling one moment and all sinister the next sure fool people. But Frau has the best range of expressions this week. It’s rare to see Frau so worked up over Teito but he got super mad at Castor for wanting to wipe away Teito’s precious kioku because he saw Frau’s true form. I wonder if that somehow triggers Verloren’s scythe to attack Teito because of him ignoring his true feelings for Teito. Wot! I made it sound so *yaoi*… what I meant is his best intentions for Teito XDDD. Of course, we can’t forget that sneaky side of him when he figures out that he could used the three commands of the collar on Mikhail. Then he gets all upset at Teito for trying to get himself killed by going head on to the Military and ignoring Mikage’s last wish. How can anyone not feel for this “are you going to leave me” puppy face?
07-Ghost,Frau is love

Like I said, this is more like a calming down episode. Things should get moving again with the beginning of a new arc and the arrival of new character. Waaa…can’t wait to see Hakuren and the bishops exam.

Screenies below:

A lovely funeral for Mikage.
07-GhostFrau is love,07-Ghost07-Ghost

Miroku and Aya-tan plotting a coup.

You can’t leave the church until I wipe your memory Teito-kun.
07-Ghost,Castor's dolls07-GhostPhotobucket

Aya-tan posse next mission: Capture the angel.
Aya-tan's posse,a,AyanamiAya-tan,Aya-tan's posse,Ayanami,07-Ghost07-Ghost,Eye of Michael

Are you still willing to snatch what he has left that is precious to him?
07-GhostFest,07-GhostFrau is love,07-Ghost
07-GhostPhotobucketFrau,Verloren's Scythe,07-Ghost
07-Ghost,Frau is loveVerloren's Scythe,07-GhostCastor,07-Ghost

Insolent fools! Who dares to raise a weapon against my master?
Eye of Michael,07-GhostMikhail,07-Ghost07-Ghost

Don’t you think my master is a most beautiful vessel? 😆 How about I give you two ghostie a taste of my powers?
07-Ghost,Eye of Michael,MikhailCastor,07-GhostPhotobucket

Oi Castor, why didn’t you tell me I could bully the brat earlier? Hehe…what nice commands to have to use on a troublesome brat.
07-Ghost07-Ghost07-Ghost,Frau is love
07-Ghost07-Ghost07-Ghost,Frau is love

Oh! So you’ll still trying to run away eh, Teito-kun?! Let us show you something that will make you even more sappy, brat-kun.
07-Ghost07-Ghost,Frau is love07-Ghost

3 thoughts on “07-Ghost Episode 10 – Bind, Sleep, Pain

  1. Yayyy!! Frau full epi!
    I’m sooo HAPPY!!
    And eye of mikhail is also Funny!
    Gosh, i also wanted to see Hakuren too!
    He will appear at episode 11 right??
    And thanks for this epi- i like it!?


    • @Mito: Yosh! So much Frau and Castor plus Mikhail love in the epi. I had fun with Frau’s expressive faces this time. Ahuh, Hakuren is slated to appear next episode…that’s according to the weekly previews…at least I’m hoping he does. 🙂


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