La Corda D’Oro ~secondo passo~ (Special) Second Movement

A look at the second part of La Corda D’Oro ~secondo passo~ OAV!

“Even if you try and use it, a comb without teeth cannot straighten hair. I think that an ensemble is the same way. To arrange all our feelings together and play a single melody is…Like a woman’s hair beautifully combed…” ~ Shimizu-kun \(*O*)/

La Corda D'oro,secondo passo
Yay! The long wait is finally over. Second Movement aired on the night of June 5th, Japan time.  To be honest, I was less excited about Part 2 after viewing it. Anyway, I’m done putting up the rest of the screencaps which is accompanied by my rambling commentary of sorts. *(^O^)*

Let’s start with my favourite image from the Second Movement. Hino is dazzling, isn’t she?!

Kaji working his beautiful magic on the viola.

Tsukimori thought of Hino’s love for her violin…

Ok guys (& lady)! All together now, Say Cheese!

My impressions is up! So read on. More screencaps on the next page. (>w<)


The second movement begins with Kanazawa-sensei feeding the cats…lol. He spotted Hino walking by and called out to her. Kanazawa apologized to Hino regarding her exclusion from the ensemble. She sadly shrugs it off and tells him that it’s alright. He asked her if she works part time while continuing with her violin practice, to which she said yes. Kanayan tells her it’s no small task and pets her on the head as if to give her encouragement.

The scene then changes to the practice room. Kanazawa-sensei felt exasperated as there are only three members of the ensemble turning up for practice. The rest of the members are busy with some other stuff and could not make it to the practice sessions. Kanayan laments that they don’t have much time left until the concert. Of course, the remaining members are worried about the situation. Shimizu liken their situation to one using a comb without teeth. No matter how you try, you can’t straighten your hair properly with it. If only they can pool their feelings together and play a single melody, then it would be like a woman’s hair beautifully comb. I thought that was a lovely metaphor coming from Shimizu-kun. It made Kanayan smile. Really, that boy sometimes spewed out stuff that seems mature than his years. Lol.

While the ensemble’s practice session is in shambles, our dear Hino is practicing her violin skill alone on the rooftop. Down below, Kaji overheard her playing and stop to listen. Ousaki ran into him and recognized him. It seems that they know each other from childhood. Ouzaki is surprised to learn that Kaji is a General Ed student at Seiso Academy. I think he must have wondered why he wasn’t enrolled in the music section. Suddenly, they both heard Hino playing a chord out of tune. Ousaki remarked that Hino never seems to get that part of the tune right.

This prompted Kaji to ask if he knew Hino. Ousaki then relates how he first got to know Hino through the concours. At the time, she had never been in a competition before and seemed worried but she still stuck with it till the end. Her persistence is what amazes Ousaki. Even though she’s not a part of the present ensemble, she still continues to practice. This gives Ousaki an idea to ask Kaji if he is interested in taking part in the ensemble. He had heard that Kaji plays the viola. Kaji seemed surprised but replied that he has quit music and tells Ousaki he must have been mistaken. Ousaki then quipped that it’s a shame because he likes the sound of Kaji’s playing.

From that point onwards, the story is mainly focus on Kaji. Yup, it’s all about Kaji rediscovering his love for music and rekindling his passion for playing the viola. He got over his childhood fear of being 2nd rate. Along the way, he gets to chat to Tsuchiura and Tsukimori about Hino. Once again, Hino became the source of inspiration to another and this time it’s Kaji. Hino, of course is clueless about all this. She just never realized her unskilled/untamed playing can ignite the hot sparks in the others, all of whom are on another level above her in terms of technique and skill. However, what the others lack is pure love and passion because that’s something natural that you can’t learn…aren’t those the stuff I wrote about in the first movement?  Even our blue -haired perfectionist Tsukimori-kun, realized that he can’t replicate such passion with pure technique and skill alone. Well, that is basically what the second movement entails, putting your heart and soul with a dose of love into your music. So Kaji found what he’s looking for and got the guys to except him the ensemble. Shimizu-kun was no doubt over the moon with Kaji’s inclusion because he was the first to suggest the inclusion of a viola player in the team.

On the other hand, Kaji inadvertently revived Hino’s courage into stepping back on stage and playing in front of a crowd. Like Kaji, she was aware of her lack of skills and was afraid to step back on stage because of that fear. But with her new found confidence and true motivation, Hino gladly tells a happy Ousaki-sempai that she excepts his invitation to play in the Children’s concert. The guys were astonished but everyone happily supported her decision. I, for once is glad that Hino decides to perform. It gives her a chance to prove to the skeptics (*ahem* Etou and Kira) that you can still make beautiful music if you put your love and soul into it. Like I said before, skill isn’t everything.

Right then, allow me to rant a little. I was kind of disappointed with the second movement (Part 2) primarily because the episode didn’t show Hino’s concert performance. I didn’t like the abrupt way it ended. It’s like *wtf*…that’s not what I expected because I wanted to see more. Ya, ya, we got to see the ensemble’s sparkly concert performance but why not Hino’s? It’s such a cop-out. All that chatter about heart and soul and she got nothing to show for it…sigh. But if you see the episode only for the bishies and their sparkles, I supposed you’ll be satisfied. But not me! It just didn’t feel complete or flow as smoothly as I thought it would. Oh well, I wonder if it’s too much to expect another OAV/OVA from Koei then. Even better if Koei can produce another season. Me think it’s a hopeless wish. Better stick to the manga.

Screencaps gallery on the following page. Enjoy!.

**Edited for music update @ Jun-8**
CD Title: Kiniro no Corda – Second Passo – Sweet & Joy
Release Date: 10-Jun-2009
Catalog No.: KECH-1499
Label/Distributor: Universal Music
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Available at: cdjapan, yesasia
Description: Second character CD release from hit game “Kiniro no Corda” featuring Shimizu, Hihara, Yunoki and Kaji. Incluces four short drama and more.

スペシャルアニメ「金色のコルダ ~secondo passo~」のキャラクターフィーチャーCD第2弾!! ドラマ本編は、志水・火原・柚木・加地、それぞれに焦点を当てた、甘いシチュエイションドラマ4本のほか冬海編を収録、お楽しみスペシャル企画としてパロディミニドラマを2本収録(以上予定)。火原和樹のヴォーカル新曲(フルコーラス)を収録。出演は、高木礼子、福山潤、森田成一、岸尾だいすけ、宮野真守、日野聡、佐藤朱ら人気と実力を兼ね備えた豪華声優陣。

22 thoughts on “La Corda D’Oro ~secondo passo~ (Special) Second Movement

  1. lyka carranza

    when is the release of the new episodes of la corda..i am really looking forward to it..

    PS: i love shimizu and hihara:


    1. Ayumikat

      @ lyka, sorry but as far as we know, there aren’t any plans for any new episodes. What you see is basically what you get. Who knows what will happen in the future. 🙂


    1. ayumikat

      @Anne, Hino doesn’t seem to have chosen any of the guys yet although it was implied that she may have some feelings for Len….but then again, that girl seems to have feelings for all the guys…XDD.


  2. TenTen143

    Thanks for the recap! Can’t wait to watch it myself! btw does anyone know where to download Kiniro no Corda – Second Passo – Sweet & Joy, Kiniro no Corda – second passo- The Score in Blue, Kiniro no Corda 2 – Sweet Twinkle -, and Kiniro no Corda primo passo – Extra MISSION: B x B x B???? If so can you provide links??? Would really appreciate it!


    1. ayumikat

      Thank you for your comments, TenTen143.
      As for d/l links, I can’t help you with that. Maybe those of you from the Corda fandom can help TenTen out. ^_-


  3. Christine

    hi there..
    Just wondering that the insert song sang by (Mamoru Miyano-You’re in my heart), where can i download it.? or may be just get to hear it.? I’m disparately want to listen to it..



  4. sakura_cathy

    uhm.. where did you watch la corda d’ oro secondo passo second movement? I watched the 1st ep of secondo passo but i’m still searching for the 2nd ep.. hope you can help me.. thank you very much.. muah.. 🙂


  5. IchigoDelight

    Yeah, I agree it was definitely not what I was hoping for…But then again the music was really wonderful. I especially liked the insert song when Kaji is reflecting on the words of everyone. Does anyone know what it’s called?

    Thanks for the great post and screencaps 🙂


    1. ayumikat

      @IchigoDelight: Aww, you’re welcome. Yes, the thing that stood out the most is the music. I noticed the insert song as well. I think it’s one of the character songs sang by Mamoru Miyano. Anyone else paid attention to that? Those who know the title, maybe you’ll like to share with all of Corda fandom here. 🙂


  6. Leah

    thanks for the review and caps!!

    I just finished the ep. I agree… I was all wtf about the ending too. 😦 Its a shame, and didn’t really make sense for them not to include it. I guess they wanted to give Kaji more bishie screen time? oh well, yep we have the manga. I enjoyed the anime, but thank God the manga has more character development and stuff. Imo anyway. :p

    also, lulz the “proposal” scene. XD All the different reactions were priceless.


    1. ayumikat

      @Leah: You’re welcome & thank you for your comments.(^_^)

      I sort of agree that this OVA special serves more to introduce Kaji-kun and consequentially, Etou and Kira into the existing line-up. Thank goodness we have the manga for story development…although the recent chapters seemed to be slow going.


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