Pandora Hearts Retrace XXXVII Spoiler(s)

WARNING! MANGA SPOILER ALERT! (like it work…duh)

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Well I can’t help but enthused that Pandora Hearts Retrace: XXXVII (Chapter 37) is damn thrilling and exciting. Finally…Yes finally, the guy who presumably caused the tragedy of Sabrie made his first appearance in the manga and I’m like wow, bishie-licious. Ever since the start I was curious about this mystery guy because Sabrie (or is it Sablier) is the beginning of where everything to do with the Abyss came about.  They sort of reveal who the grave with the tombstone belongs to and it was a girl who Glen had loved.  Whatever happened to her had something to do with the Abyss and the tragedy of Sabrie. And Oz, OMG! Oz is scary… I hope he  snap out of that mental dream state…(*^*). That’s all I’m gonna say.

SPOILER PIC: Ta da… Glen is ♥_♥

6 thoughts on “Pandora Hearts Retrace XXXVII Spoiler(s)

  1. Hmm, I’ve always thought that Lacie was the real name of the Will of the Abyss. Whether if that’s true or not, I’m not so sure about Glen being Alice’s father, he looks about 5-10 years older than her, so how can that be? @_@ Such a mystery with PandoraHearts.


    1. ayumikat

      Well, that’s the fun part about Pandora Hearts. Each reveal or hints just begets more interesting theories and speculations cos at this stage, we have yet to know what exactly happen 100 yrs ago and if Glen is really mental. This chapter only revealed that Lacie was an actual person whom Glen sacrificed to the abyss to obtain its powers. In one of her memories, a child Alice saw the tombstone and asked Jack about it. And since Alice used to be human, it’s possible she never knew her mother. And already, so many speculations sprung out of that…which makes it more exciting for us manga readers. 😆


      1. I guess it is. :3 Hmm, so then Lacie can’t be the Will of the Abyss if Lacie was a human then. @_@ I think the July issue of GFantasy is coming out on the 18th so I can’t wait for that~ 😀


  2. Silver

    From some of the spoilers online on Animesuki, it seems that the girl that was buried is actually Alice’s mother. This is crazy and awesome!


    1. ayumikat

      @Silver: Thanks for your input. I’ve read the speculations that Lacie may actually be Alice’s mother but it’s just speculation at this stage. It does make the whole plot 10x more interesting, and Glen could be Lacie’s lover which makes him Alice’s Father…waaa, more speculation…makes my head explode. 😆


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