OP/ED Singles Releases – Rispara OP, Natsu no Arashi ED and Phantom Requiem ED

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Another triple play post of OP/ED singles releases featuring the likes of Orange Pekoe (Rispara TV OP), Shiraishi Ryoko (Natsu no Arashi ED) and ALI Project (Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ ED). Read on for my rambling *comments* on the CDs and click on selected tracks for a preview . ( ^^)

Featured CD artwork: Natsu no Arashi ED
KICM-1277-05 (2)

CD Title: Marigold/Crystalism
Artist: Orange Pekoe
Date Released: 27-May-2009

BVCL-2 op-01a

I’m picturing a live acoustic setting in an intimate avenue and watching this duo/band play live. That’s the kind of mood or atmosphere I visualized when I listen to Orange Pekoe. Marigold/Crystalism would the band’s 9th major single to date. The double a-side single features the opening theme to TV anime Ristorante Paradiso entitled “Marigold“, a laid back song that’s really easy listening and soulful.

The other featured track is Crystalism, a song which incorporates a samba rhythm to the jazzy arrangement. The melody is something you can jiggy on down to. The b-side song ‘KUKUI‘ is a slow moving ballad with the accompaniment of acoustic guitar and light percussion. Tomoko Nagashima, the lyricist and vocalist has got a slight husky or smoky voice that carries off well in all the style of songs that she sings. A very enjoyable and relaxing single indeed and the perfect fit of an OP song for Rispara (TV).

Catalog No.: BVCL-2
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
CD available at: cdjapan, play-asia or yesasia.

A pic of an original illustration by mangaka Ono Natsume.

01. マリーゴールド **
02. クリスタリズム

CD Title: Kirari Futari
Artist: Shiraishi Ryoko
Date Released: 27-May-2009


Kirari Futari is the ED Single for Natsu no Arashi and features the seiyuu turn singer, Shiraishi Ryoko. I suppose you can say that the title track is a suitable ED song choice for the anime. It carries that 70s style A-go-go, Austin Powers kind of groove…lol. Somehow, the song conjures up an image of Ultraman fighting a rubbery monster. Meanwhile, the b-side track ‘Kanjiru Power‘ made me picture the Power Puff girls prancing about singing the song. I thought it sounded a bit like a K-ON! song too. I could imagine Mio and the gang singing this song…like it’s up their alley…cheesy pop song with backing vocals doing the chorus and call outs. Well, the songs on this single is not really the type of songs I would listen to. If you like anime-pop type of music, then you’ll probably appreciate this much more than I would.

Catalog No.: KICM-1277
Label/Distributor: King Records
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
CD available at: cdjapan or yesasia.

01. キラリフタリ **
02. 感じるパワー
03. キラリフタリ(off vocal ver.)
04. 感じるパワー(off vocal ver.)

CD Title: Outro theme for TV Anime Phantom “Jigoku no Mon
Artist: ALI Project
Date Released: 27-May-2009


There isn’t much I want to say about ALI Project and their latest offerings. It’s probably because I hardly like any of their previous stuff. Jigoku no Mon (aka Hell’s Gate) is no exception. I was a tad appalled that the title track was chosen as the ED theme for Phantom ~Requiem~. Not really my cup of tea. Pity cos I like the animation art of Phantom’s ED sequence. Nothing to say about the back-up song “Ware Kimi Omou Yue ni Ware Ari Ikiryou to Nari te” either. There is just something about ALI Project’s songs which made me thought of them as a conflicting cacophony of sounds…kind of confusing mash-up of styles that made one scream in frustration. Only for hardcore fans. *gets shot* for biasness (^^;;

Catalog No.: LASM-34013
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 2
CD available at: cdjapan, yesasia or play-asia.

01. 地獄の門 **
02. 吾君想う故に吾在り生き霊となりて
03. 地獄の門 [Instrumental]
04. 吾君想う故に吾在り生き霊となりて [Instrumental]

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