OP/ED Singles Releases – HIMEKA, PE’ZMOKU and School Food Punishment

Music Post!

Here’s a triple OP/ED Singles releases featuring the likes of HIMEKA (Valkyria Chronicles OP), PE’ZMOKU (Valkyria Chronicles ED) and School Food Punishment (Eden of the East/Higashi no Eden ED). Read on for more of my *ahem* opinions on all three featured CDs.  Just click on the selected tracks**  for a listen. (/o^)/

Featured CD Image: Valkyria Chronicles ED
I love this pic of Alicia, Welkin and Faldio. Faldio looks flirty. (♥_♥)

CD Title: futuristic imagination
Artist: school food punishment
Date Released: 27-May-2009


Let me start off with School Food Punishment‘s first major debut single “Futuristic Imagination“. It’s my favourite of the 3 releases I’m featuring. There are three songs on the single. The standout a-side titular track is the outro theme to hit TV anime “Eden of the East“. It’s a very appropriate ED song choice as it lyrically conveys the mystery and uncertain future that is the pervading theme of the show.

Futuristic Imagination is a mixture of edgy progressive rock with a fusion of electro-pop complimented by strings orchestration. The interlude featured a frenzied symphonic crescendo of drums, guitars and strings. Need I say that I love the ace drumming on the song…so much energy as it forms the base and rhythm of the melody. Superb!!!. I LOVE IT! I LOVE this song…surpasses JAP in more ways than one. Besides that, it features the fab voice of female lead vocalist/guitarist Yumi Uchimura. She captures the essence of the song in her singing, conveying the desperation of the lyrics in the song.

The two lesser b-sides titled ‘Flat‘ and ‘You may crawl‘ respectively, are very different sounding from the main song. ‘Flat’ is a much slower electro-pop number incorporating lots of synths and keyboard. I thought it sounded a little bit jazzy in parts, especially with the keyboard arrangement. It’s a very cool tune. ‘You may Crawl’ is actually a remix of an earlier indie release of the band. The techno-pop beats somehow works well with the overall melody although it borders on the repetitive side. I love the ending/refrain part of the song. I thought Yumi has quite a versatile voice.

Overall, Futuristic Imagination turns out to be a good major debut for School Food Punishment. I’m sure their association with Higashi no Eden will help launch them to a much wider audience. Worth more than a listen.

ESCL-3203_CS 02

Catalog No.: ESCL-3201/ESCL-3203
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 2
Available at: cdjapan, play-asia or yesasia.

01. futuristic imagination **
02. flat
03. you may crawl -Takkyu Ishino Remix-

CD Title: Azu he no Kizuna
Artist: HIMEKA
Date Released: 27-May-2009


Canadian born singer, HIMEKA‘s debut single impressed me much. She can definitely sing and I love her voice. Azu he no Kizuna, the title track, is a most suitable song for her crystal clear vocal delivery. It’s a really catchy and upbeat jangly pop number which I like a lot. I almost never skip the OP sequence because of it. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the song is the opening theme for TV anime “Valkyria Chronicles“. Her voice clearly shines all the more when she sings the second track “Sayonara Solitia“, a beautiful gentle piano-driven ballad. The song is actually a cover of the Chrono Crusade ED theme originally sung by Chiba Saeko. The single is recommended listen, for sure.

SICL-215a (2)
I still find Alicia annoying but this is a pretty pic.

Catalog No.: SICL-215
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
CD available at: cdjapan,

01. 明日へのキズナ **
02. さよならソリティア
03. 明日へのキズナ ~Instrumental~

CD Title: Ano Kaze ni Notte
Artist: Pe’zmoku
Date Released: 27-May-2009


Admittedly, this is the first time I’d listen to anything from Pe’zmoku. So, I don’t really have much to say about the 5-piece band except that they play mostly alternative folk-rock/pop type of songs. That’s solely based on this particularly single, less I get shot by people who are more in tune with the band. 😛 Anyway, Ano Kaze ni Notte is a ridiculously catchy ED theme song for TV anime “Valkyria Chronicles“.  It’s a lighthearted and cheery type of song that one can whistle to, you know. I wonder what made the anime choose this song as the ED theme. Somehow, I think that the song made fun of what’s going on in the series. But I love it and it’s my favourite song out of the tracks that are featured on the single (excluding the instrumental version of the title track).

The second track is like an alternative folk-jazz type of song. It’s called P.M. Todarinenji. There’s a cool saxaphone solo on the track. I quite like it cos it’s really different from any songs off the other two singles I featured on this post. But wait, the most peculiar track has got to be the 3rd track “Daisan no Otoko“.  It completely made me laugh out loud…even as I’m typing this. What a peculiar song…I couldn’t even described it. Ahahaha…ok, imagine Charlie Chaplin and the Three Stooges…Yep, that’s it. That’s the only way to describe it. Oh Gawd, I’m still madly laughing. Over and out!

Catalog No.: DFCL-1569
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
CD available at: cdjapan, play-asia or yesasia.

Really cool cut-out card thingy.

01. アノ風ニノッテ **
02. P.M.トガリアンズ
03. 第三の男
04. アノ風ニノッテ(Instrumental)

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