Valkyrie Complex OP Single – Ceui’s Seisen Spectale

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Ceui’s latest single release “Seisen Spectale” is the intro theme for PC Game “Valkyrie Complex”.

Ceui‘s been really prolific of late with another brand new single release under her belt. This time she’s singing the intro theme for the PC Game “Valkyrie Complex“. It’s also a first for me to post music/single from a PC Game. Actually, the songs on this single is way better than Ceui’s recently released ED single “espacio” for TV anime, Sora Kake Girl.

This single has 4 tracks inclusive of 2 instrumental versions of the first two tracks. The oddly titled main track ‘Seisen Spectale‘ is a beautiful song with lovely soft background vocals and I thought Ceui sounded almost like Maaya Sakamoto in parts. It’s quite an upbeat song with a soaring chorus. I especially like the music arrangement. The strings accompaniment really compliments Ceui’s sweet vocals. The second track “Towa no Kotoba” is a haunting ethereal track, rather soothing and Ceui’s enchanting voice captivates. I love tracks like these because you know you’re gonna get a beautiful instrumental arrangement out of it. Certainly, this turns out to be one of my favourite singles from Ceui. Definitely worth a listen. ( ^^)


CD Title: PC Game “Valkyrie Complex” Intro Theme “Seisen Spectale
Artist: Ceui
Date Released: 27-May-2009

Catalog No.: LACM-4620
Label/Distributor: Bandai
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. Seisen Spectale **
02. Towa no Kotoba **
03. Seisen Spectale -Off Vocals
04. Towa no Kotoba -Off Vocals

Support Originals. CD available at cdjapan or play-asia.

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