Manga Bites – Kuroshitsuji Chapter 33 (*o*)

Ayumi’s manga blurbs on Kuroshitsuji’s recent manga chapter.
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We’re the Phantomhive Servants and we’re fab, mad and bad!!!

Thoughts on the chapter:
This chapter is a blast, no kidding. I just had to blabber about it cos the Phantomhive servants kick ass and pretty much blew the pitiful circus rats sky high. You never expect them to be this deadly when watching the anime. In fact, in the anime version, their actions were way more humane. Well, don’t expect “nice, nice, I’m gonna shoot just to disable you” attitude here. They’re more like in “We will kill to protect” mode. Bloody, so bloody and brutal. The body count went up drastically! Well first off, Father was psycho brutal but he and his circus freaks (even though I dislike calling them that) just don’t know who they’re dealing with when he messes up with Ciel. The bratty Earl up the ante several notches and turn the tables on Father. I really do pity Joker and his circus mates… like Joker is my favourite character from the Circus Arc. (>x<)  They can blame their misfortune on the perverted Father. Too bad they are blinded by their shortsightedness.  I wonder what will happen to the remaining few like Snake and Doll? But more Sebastian in the next chapter please…it’s hard to get by one chapter without my devilish demonic bishilicious butler. <333

Wow, Finny smashed open Jumbo’s head.

Wendy’s next to go down, sniped by Meirin for trying to slice Finny in half.

Meirin’s super arsenal of rifles…she must be really good at rapid fire, eh!

She ain’t just a super ace gunslinger, she’s a hawt fox too!

This may be pulling it a bit but Lizzie sleeping through an explosion??? Unpossible..rofl

Another little rat bit it. Did Tanaka do it or was it Meirin? We never really saw what Tanaka’s hidden skills are, if any…all he did was drink green tea.

Wtf…how the heck did Bard fit all that fire power in the kitchen?

Aw sheesh…poor Dagger. He really fancies Beast. Sad that he won’t ever fulfill his wish.

The guy can still flirt but it only whip Beast up in a frenzy.

Oi Brat…so cold and confident eh. I wonder what will Sebby say when he finds out parts of the mansion was er…destroyed by the servants. XDDD

And there goes the last rat…bye-bye Beast. But I’m still bummed for Joker and friends. (u_u)

(O_0) Kaboom!!! And Lizzie slept through all that noise…rofl. They must have drugged her tea.

**Credits: Scanlated manga images courtesy of Bleach Asylum

5 thoughts on “Manga Bites – Kuroshitsuji Chapter 33 (*o*)

  1. hey just wondering…the anime Finny has a dark past doesn’t he? but the manga doesn’t tell anything much about his previous past…I was wondering if someone can tell me about it….

    I really prefer the manga much much better^^ the anime seems to be a twist on the manga…definately not a copy of manga on screen.. =]


    • @yuffie:

      but the manga doesn’t tell anything much about his previous past…I was wondering if someone can tell me about it….

      That’s because, Yana has not touch on the servants background in the manga at this point. I’m guessing she’ll leave it for later. The anime has its own storyline and runs a different course from the manga. I agree that the manga is way better at story telling than the anime. But the anime does have some good points on top of seeing all our lovely Kuro characters being animated. 🙂


  2. Omg, those servants weren’t the idiots i thought they were at all. (Meirin suddenly transformed into a babe O.o) N Finni’s creepy.


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