Natsu no Arashi OP Single – Atashi dake ni Kakete

Music Post!

Woops! This single is out finally! It’s Natsu no Arashi‘s fun inducing intro song ‘Atashi dake ni Kakete’ by Omokage Lucky Hole…kake kake kake kake kakete…

Omokage Lucky Hole…What a name for a band and what a song. Atashi dake ni kakete is really a crazy sort of song…funky bluesy folksy kinda energetic pop number. I love the anime’s TV cut but the complete song is just totally wacky especially during the interlude at the 2.38 mark with the over enthusiastic scream fest (rofl)…GET DOWN!!!!!. But it’s still a fab song. Very fitting intro for Natsu no Arashi. Even the OP scenes fits perfectly with the song. The b-side track ‘So-So-I-De‘ reminds me of some early 80’s funk that’s played on the satellite radio stations that I sometimes listen to for inspiration. So very retro but a cool track nonetheless.

CD title: Atashi dake ni Kakete
Artist: Omokage Lucky Hole
Date Released: 13-May-2009

Catalog No.: KICM-3191
Label/Distributor: King Records
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. あたしだけにかけて **
02. SO-SO-I-DE **
03. あたしだけにかけて(off vocal ver.)
04. SO-SO-I-DE (off vocal ver.)

Support Originals. CD available at cdjapan, play-asia or

3 thoughts on “Natsu no Arashi OP Single – Atashi dake ni Kakete

    1. ayumikat

      SO-SO-I-DE link leads to a Not Found page.

      Oops! I might have accidentally deleted it off my playlist while cleaning up Imeem.


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