CD Single – Over Load by Mika Nakashima

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Mika’s 28th Single release!

Over Load is Mika Nakashima‘s 28th single release to date.  I decided to feature her new single because I like her voice and I like the songs after listening to them.  She also wrote both of the new tracks featured on the single. I think that’s awesome.

Right then, what do I think of  Over Load, the title track?  Well, it is a contemporary j-pop number with a mid-tempo beat.  It’s not a fast song at all and it’s quite easy on the ears too. The song’s chorus is rather catchy and the refrain part leading to the violin solo is my favourite bit of the song. I thought the strings arrangement works really well with the melody and Mika’s unique vocals.  There’s also a remix version of Over Load which is the 3rd track on the single.  It has sort of a indo-latin style beat and surprisingly, I don’t like it as much as the original mix because it drags down the song. The music is nice but it just fell short.  Some remixes work, some don’t.

On to the b-side track which is personally my favourite song on the single.  It’s called  ‘No Answer‘. I so loved the overall feel and melody of the song, the strings, the mid-tempo pop beat and Mika’s voice.  The arrangement is suitably fitting for this light modern j-pop number with a slight touch of  contemporary jazz styling.  On top of that, it’s short and sweet and it’s not repetitive. That’s always a big plus for me when I listen to a song.

Heck ya, this turns out to a be wonderful single from Mika. You can tell that I’m enthused and my ears don’t bleed…lol. I’m gonna stop babbling now.

CD Title: Over Load
Artist: Mika Nakashima
Date Released: 13-May-2009

Catalog No.: AICL-2013
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. Over Load **
02. No Answer **
03. Over Load (Hidefumi Kenmochi Remix)
04. Over Load (Instrumental)
05. No Answer (Instrumental)

Support Originals. CD available at cdjapan and yesasia.

3 thoughts on “CD Single – Over Load by Mika Nakashima

  1. smysery

    honestly “bro” i dont know what you call as jazz ^ ^ call it in that line because im listen kind of music and tell whit pop estimation i say it because escucho jazz ^ ^ old style new style ^ ^ but thanks for locating information in the site ^ ^
    and do not let that affect you my comment 😛


    1. ayumikat

      ??? i certainly didn’t classify it as jazz. you misinterpret me but that’s alright 🙂 it’s tagged as J-pop after all but it’s the way i described the mod-pop arrangement…oh well, everyone will have different feelings and interpretation of what they listen to…lol. but thanks for sharing your comments. 😉


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