Vampire Knight Chapters 48 and 49

VK manga catch-up!


Chapters 48 and 49: An Overview
Before I ramble on any further, both chapters can be read at Sagakure’s Live Journal (SGK) and One Manga. If you haven’t already read them, just head on over to the respective sites for a look. I must add that on top of putting up the VK chapter scanlations, SGK has also included her amusing fangirling thoughts and commentary, sharing them with one and sundry. My appreciation and thanks goes out to her for doing such a great job of sharing the scanlated chapters to all VK fans.

Like I said somewhere before, I didn’t feel like putting up my thoughts on the last chapter (48) because there isn’t much that I wanted to say. So I waited for the latest chapter and decided to post my impressions for both at the same time.


Chapter 48 basically carries off from the aftermath of the events at Cross Academy where we see Kaname’s loyal troupers (Ruka, Akatsuki Kain and Aidou) on a train ride home. There were some scenes showing the Vampire community in confusion over the demise of the Vampire Council members and Kaname’s drastic actions. There were also concerns that some lower rank vampires have already begun to act freely without the VC’s control. The aristocrats are hoping that their children (the Night Class students) will be able to shed some light on what had happened. The rest of the chapter were mostly Akatsuki’s flashbacks to the time when the three of them were first introduced to a child Kaname-sama, then at a later time when Kaname had lost his parents and subsequently, the time when they had all just entered as Cross Academy’s Night Class students.


Akatsuki’s recollections primarily focus on how much Kaname had changed from the first time they had met until now. It gave some glimpses on why Kaname did what he did to protect Yuuki and how he had to hold back his blood lust from way back then. Kaname had also felt disdained at the VC members even from that time. The other parts touched mostly on Akatsuki’s feelings towards Ruka…knowing that she idolizes Kaname, aware that his own true feelings for her is unrequited but still, he decides to be by her side. All in all, not lot happens…just the small details on Kaname to develop his character background a bit more as VK headed into the second part of its story.


Well, VK is now back with the latest Chapter 49 after a month long break. Everyone from the previous chapter had been wondering where Kaname and Yuuki were headed to. So’s the rest of the VK fandom. All is revealed in this chapter. Kaname brought Yuuki back to the Kuran mansion via an underground secret passage way, after travelling for a long while.  This was theirs and their parents’ home from before. Kaname revealed all of his crimes to Yuuki who at first, had a confusing mixed reaction upon hearing his confessions. Kaname tells her that it’s alright if she didn’t want to touch him because of what he did but hope that she’ll still let him stay close by her. However, Yuuki understood that he suffers all his sins in order to protect her and by proxy, she feels equally responsible for his crimes. She told him that she wants to be tainted along with him and not let him suffer by himself.


The other development in this chapter is on the whereabouts of Takuma and what happened to him when he fought his gramps, Ichiou. Apparently, Ichiou is dead. Sara Shirabuki who is a pureblood vampire, saves Takuma from near death but there’s a sinister purpose to her seemingly good deed. She wants Takuma to reveal all information on Kaname to which he politely refused. Sara then proceeds to torture Takuma who still hasn’t quite recover from injuries sustained during his battle with Ichiou. Despite being a pureblood, Sara wasn’t able to sway Takuma from revealing what she wanted. Unbeknown to Takuma, two of his closest friends are searching for him. Senri and Rima were both concern when he did not appear after the incident at Cross Academy and are out looking for him.


Aside from knowing what happened to Ichiou, his true intentions were also brought to light through Takuma’s flashback of their battle. Ichiou had wanted the purebloods to eliminate one another because of the immense binding powers they possessed. With the purebloods’ extinction, the others will be free to govern their own communities. I guess Ichiou has been purposely getting close to all these purebloods and inciting conflicts from within in order to spark an internal war between them. It was smart, idealistic and foolish at the same time. Involving Kaname in the fray is probably his downfall. I don’t think Ichiou truly grasps what Kaname is capable of doing and the extent of loyalty he seemed to inspire amongst his troupers, Takuma being of them of course.


And with that, we have a one year time skip where Zero is seen to be terrorizing a random vampire for information, in a darken alley. It seems that he is after someone and is still on active hunter’s duty.

The chapter was a good read in a way because of several plot developments. Kaname is finally able to get his wish of being with the girl he loved even after confessing his sins and telling Yuuki that he’s aware of her feelings for Zero-kun. Yuuki accepted Kaname with all his faults knowing he did all those things for her sake and that she feels equally at fault. Basically, it’s their bonding time. Ichiou’s plan was revealed and it appears that sadistic Sara is on the way to becoming Kaname’s nemesis in a bloody pureblood war. It’s strange how she seems to have a peculiar obsession with Kaname. I wonder what’s her reason for that.

Then perhaps the most significant of all development comes at the last panel…the one year time skip. For sure, such a time skip will raise all kinds of crazy speculations. Everyone else is probably focusing more on the supposed happy Kaname and Yuuki couple-dom, which is a lot less interesting. I for one, is more interested in what’s been happening to Zero, Kaien Cross, Cross Academy and the H.A. There’s a huge open gap where we don’t have any reveal on what happened to the rest of the people after the Rido arc. Did the school closed down, is Kaien in jail, what is Yagari doing and what happen to the rest of the students since then.  What about the Vampire society?  After the dust had settled, is there even more of a split now? How has Zero been fending for himself after all this time…that’s what I want to know. Oh please, I hope there isn’t a rinse, repeat cycle of the Juuri/Haruka/Kaien kind of thing going on to the storyline because it will just bore me and blow the entire VK plot developments out of the water. Let’s see if the mangaka can continue keep things fresh, exciting and unpredictable.

**All images courtesy of the wonderful SGK.

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