Tears to Tiara ED Single – Aira Yuuki’s Blue Sky, True Sky

Music Post!

Aira Yuuki’s ED Single release for TV anime Tears to Tiara.

Finally, another outro song among the slew of new ED singles releases that I really like and enjoy listening to. T2T’s ED theme simply stood out more than it’s intro theme.

I’ve gotten to like Aira Yuuki’s songs of late. She has sung a couple of good insert songs for Munto (TV). Blue Sky, True Sky is most certainly one of the better ED themes out there which paired well with the anime’s ending sequence. The flow of the song is quite similar to Rideback’s Kioku, which is also one of my favourite ED songs. It has a memorable chorus and a great melody coupled with a soaring strings arrangement in a disco-pop style. Aira’s expressive voice is a plus as well. Her vocals is very reminiscent of Lia. What of the the filler b-side track? It’s surprising good as well. Yume to tsuki is a gentle ballad with a soft melody. The track has a soothing ethereal vibe to it. Aira managed to capture the emotional nuances of the song in her singing. So yes, this is another recommended listen to one and sundry. 😛

CD Title: Tears to Tiara Outro Theme “Blue sky, True sky”
Artist: Aira Yuuki
Date Released: 22-Apr-2009

Catalog No.: LACM-4604
Label/Distributor: Bandai
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. Blue sky, True sky **
02. Yume to Tsuki **
03. Blue sky, True sky (without vocals)
04. Yume to Tsuki (without vocals)

Support Originals. CD available at cdjapan and play-asia.

12 thoughts on “Tears to Tiara ED Single – Aira Yuuki’s Blue Sky, True Sky

  1. kenny chan

    I very like blue sky, true sky XD…..luv it
    very intersting for my, so let’s hear that song ok!!!:)

    any download link????


    1. ayumikat

      @kenny chan, thanks for your comments. Glad you like the song. Try checking out the d/l link here. I didn’t put it up by the way. Someone just happen to share it. 🙂


            1. kenny chan

              hello,ayumikat!! what are doing now???
              do you watching 2012 movie??
              i thing this film so scary ..
              because this film describe about end of world because the big comet hit the earth..maybe..
              so what your response about this film??


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