CD Single – Stereopony’s I do it

Music Post!

Stereopony‘s latest single release.

I do it‘ is Stereopony’s third single release. It’s not surprising that the title track is written by YUI because it sounds something like YUI would sing. Stereopony must be her pet project as she wrote a couple of songs for them before. ‘I do it’ is a listenable catchy pop-rock number albeit rather ordinary and uninteresting to me. There are two filler tracks featured on the single as well. The first one is called Signal ga Ao ni Kawaru Toki and it’s a mid tempo lite rock song. I do like the melody except for the rather weak vocals that at times sound straining at a higher pitch. Aimi’s (lead vocalist) voice range is rather limited. The second filler track is an acoustic version of their previous hit single ‘Namida no Muko‘ which was also Gundam 00 S2 second OP theme. I like the acoustic version which sounds quite different from the original CD version. Aimi’s voice is a lot clearer too. Overall, a none too bad 3rd single for the young band.

CD Title: I do it
Artist: Stereopony
Date Released: 22-Apr-2009

Catalog No.: SRCL-7030
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. I do it**
02. シグナルが青に変わるとき**  Signal ga Ao ni Kawaru Toki
03. 泪のムコウ  Namida no Muko AIMI Acoustic Version
04. I do it  ~Instrumental~

Support Originals. CD available at cdjapan, yesasia and play-asia.

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