D.Gray-man Chapter 185


Wow! What an interesting chapter with lots of important reveals. First was the Crimson Crow revelation, then there’s the use of forbidden dark arts being revived by non-other than Central themselves and finally, Kanda’s past coming to light. With the used of forbidden magic, there seems to be a huge moral dilemma looming in the background. On the one hand, you have the Black Order’s knights also known as the Exorcists who are wielders of innocence that’s supposed to destroy akuma vessels and free/purify the enslaved souls. But now, there’s a another group within the Order that’s biological imbued with dark matter and turned into half-akuma beings to fight against true akuma, all at the sanction of Central and the Pope. I’m thinking that General Cross’ death and subsequent disappearance is somehow linked to this recent revelation. No wonder Komui and Bak Chan are appalled at the level of hypocrisy that Central has displayed. It seems that things has gotten so desperate, they have to resort to dark matter experimentation using humans as the guinea pigs.


So now we know why Madarao is able to destroy the akuma into nothingness. The dark powers which he wield is very different to that of an innocence user. The enslaved soul is completely destroyed along with the akuma. Even Link is taken by surprise at the knowledge that his Crow mates aren’t quite human anymore. Central might think they are successful in creating a hybrid human akuma weapon but did they also know the huge potential pitfalls/risks that comes with such an experimentation? The chapter reveals that the hybrid human-akuma reacts negatively to any close proximity with innocence. This alone creates problems for the Exorcists. Apparently, there was a tragedy that happened 9 years prior which was a result of such an experimentation. Doesn’t this scenario give the the Earl and Noahs the upper hand? Things are certainly not going well at the Order.

It’s about time Hoshino touches on Kanda’s past. There’s some foreshadowing with what little Marie said of the darkness that surrounds Kanda. It seems that he may be linked to the forbidden dark arts and the tragedy that Bak Chan refers to. Hoshino is certainly keeping the plot exciting of late. Can’t wait for more reveal.

**Image Scans courtesy of HM

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