CD Single – Kamigami LOOKS YOU by Base Ball Bear

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Kamigami LOOKS YOU is Base Ball Bear’s second single of 2009!

Base Ball Bear’s latest single is the theme song for Katsuhide Motoki’s comedy movie ‘Kamogawa Horumo’ which stars Takayuki Yamada and Chiaki Kuriyama. If I’m not mistaken, it’s also their 10th major single to date. Apart from the title track, this release also includes two b-side live tracks titled ‘image club’ and ‘Boys May Cry’. Kamigami Looks You is a lite j-rock number that has got a likable youthful melody that’s performed in the unmistakable Base Ball Bear style. There’s so much energy in Yusuke Koide’s singing that I ended up enjoying the song much more than I thought, initially. I also think it’s a great spunky song choice for a theme to a comedy film. Worth a listen if you like BBB’s kind of music.

CD Title: Kamigami Looks You
Artist: Base Ball Bear
Date Released: 15-Apr-2009

Catalog No.: TOCT-45002
Label/Distributor: EMI Music Japan
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. 神々LOOKS YOU **
02. image club

Support Originals. CD available at play-asia, cdjapan, yesasia.

One thought on “CD Single – Kamigami LOOKS YOU by Base Ball Bear

  1. gaijinnosekai

    I am so buying this when I go to Japan this summer. Big fan of BBB, also need to get Changes as I don’t have that yet either. I totally love the video for Kamigami looks you, they always have good music videos hehe!


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