Cross Game OP Single – Kobukuro’s Niji

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A look at Kobukuro’s latest Single featuring ‘Niji’ and Cross Game Opening Song ‘Summer Rain’.

Kobukuro’s 17th Single includes the JAL AD theme ‘Niji’ and ‘Summer Rain’ which is the OP theme for TV anime Cross Game. The latter is the reason why I feature this single here. I really like Summer Rain at first listen. It’s an easy listening, feel good kind of song with an infectious toe tapping melody. It just makes you want to clap and sing along. The veteran duo’s vocals captured the lively mood of the song rather well. I love the vibrant music arrangement too. I thought that it’s a great choice of opening song for Cross Game because it reflects the ‘slice of life’ drama theme of the anime. Either that or I’m easily pleased these days (*smirks*).

The Single’s titular track is the theme that’s used for a JAL commercial and it’s called Niji or Rainbow in English. It’s sort of a mid-tempo pop ballad which is quite nice in a way especially towards the end when the vocals gets really energetic (lol). But as the lead single, I think it pales to Summer Rain which is treated as a B-side track. Well, it maybe because I am little biased but no…I don’t think so cos I really prefer Summer Rain x 10 😛 Oh, let’s not forget there’s a 2nd B-side track titled ‘Rururu’. Glad I didn’t miss that out because I love it so much more than Niji. It’s a little folksy-type of ballad with very nice, light acoustic music arrangement coupled with mellow vocals. So here’s how I would arrange the songs, in the order that I favour; Summer Rain, Rururu and Niji. 🙂

CD Title: Niji
Artist: Kobukuro
Date Released: 15-Apr-2009

Catalog No.: WPCL-10668
Label/Distributor: Warner Music Japan
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. 虹 Niji **
02. Summer rain ** [Cross Game’s OP ♥♥♥]
03. ルルル ** Rururu ♥♥
04. 虹 (Instrumental)
05. Summer rain (Instrumental)
06. ルルル (Instrumental)

Support Originals. CD available at cdjapan, yesasia.

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