D.Gray-man Chapters 182-184

DGM Manga Catch-up: Chapters 182, 183 and 184

I’ve been slacking off from my usual DGM manga chapters overview. It’s not just DGM but VK suffers from lack of attention too…well, not that there’s anything interesting to talk about. VK is actually at a transition stage in its story line and the last chapter was rather bland. It’s mostly about some back story of the supporting characters which relates to Kaname-sama. Air Gear is slow as well…so Yoshitsune dies, move on now, OG!  But there are two manga titles that’s keeping me on the edge; ‘Tsubasa Chronicle’ where the events are happening at an unrelenting pace and ‘xxxHOLIC’. Yuuko!!!! Come back! You can’t just disappear! I know I’m way off the DGM track there but hey, I can’t help it. Back on topic now.

DGM Chapters 182-184 Overview:
Previously in Chapter 181, the exorcists, Timmy and the rest of the orphanage’s occupants were trapped inside a barrier created by the Earl’s skull squad. Timmy finally sync up with his innocence and was able to momentarily distract the level 3 akuma. But he ran out of options as the level 3 was much stronger than he had anticipated. Just when things are starting to go wrong, the Black Order’s back-up team arrived at the doorstep of the Orphanage’s building. With the help of the mysterious veiled guy from Central, the level 3 is completely destroyed.

Now that the level 3 is gone, this allows Allen and Kanda to focus their attention on the powerful level 4. Well, the battle was certainly short but fierce. Allen uses the crown clown to pierce through the level 4 using his own body to trap the akuma with him. However, his body reacted to crown clown, giving him some kind of shock. The sword is supposed to react to that which is evil and caused harm to noah and akuma. The level 4 mockingly asked if that was the case then why is it causing Allen so much pain. Just when it is about to spray Allen’s face with bullets, the level 4 heard a menacingly cold voice coming from Allen, horrified and trembled by what it heard. This gave Kanda the time and opportunity to stab through the akuma’s head with his mugen, missing Allen’s face by centimeters. Kanda calls Allen ‘Beansprout’ as if to snap him back and together crown clown and mugen simultaneously sliced through the level 4’s body, effectively killing it. For a few seconds there, Allen wasn’t quite himself. It seems that the 14th is starting to show up.


With everyone exhausted after a humongous battle, Reever’s team work furiously to dismantle the barrier, removing the beetle bugs that seems to act as a transmitter of sorts. The impatient Inspector Galmar decides to open the door just when the last bug was found and managed to enter the orphanage without problem. What he didn’t expected to see when he stepped into the orphanage was a bloodied and crumpled bunch of people. The skulls were surprised that the barrier is lifted and even more intrigued by the Crow’s abilities to kill akuma. This also left Link wondering about his strange comrades. The scene then moves to Timmy who agrees to join the Black Order but not before several conditions have been met. Galmar’s daughter, Emily, decides to join up with the Black Order too so that she can keep an eye on Timmy. General Klaude has even taken Timmy in as an apprentice which I thought was great. Everyone’s now back and recuperating at the Black Order’s HQ. And so the Timothy arc came to a close.
I am most intrigue with the latest chapter where Allen dreamt that he was stab with crown clown just like he was back at the orphanage.  He kept recalling the part where he was affected by the sword and that only evil things could feel its effect. Then there’s this voice  saying that he’s stupid if he thought his body is without sin, that it was God’s right hand that saved the tarnished souls and that his soul is the one that need to be saved.  Now that bit about the soul needing to be saved sounds similar to something I read in 07-Ghost manga earlier chapters. The protagonist too, shares a fate worse than death.

In the same dream, Mana calls for Allen and tells him to come along with him because there’s someone waiting for him, someone who has waited a long time.  Mana seems to forget Allen’s name.  Then Allen suddenly woke up from the dream, his face and eyes looked completely different. There’s a dark aura that clouds his cold expression.  I think that the 14th is beginning to awaken inside Allen.  Right on cue, Lenalee woke from her nap and calls out to him, snapping him back to himself. Really weird. Lenalee was sharp enough to notice the difference but kept it to herself.

Blimey, the massive scars and wounds on poor Allen’s body creeps me out.  Then there’s the mystery of the veiled cloaked guys from central.  Kanda and Allen are trying to figure out who they are.  Link kept quiet but is himself thinking why they possessed such powers to defeat an akuma.  Now, they are seen to accompany the horrendous lady, Renee Epstein – Chief of the North American Branch. Komui has his hands full with those strange people from Central stepping all over the Black Order’s HQ.  It’s been a while since we saw the Noah clan and we are given a glimpse of Road and Tykki, my favourite Noah. Tykki looks to be in pain.  I hope we’ll get to see what’s going on at the Noah’s side and focus more on the 14th’s reawakening.  I thought Allen looks like Tykki when he was in a trance like state.  It’ll be interesting to see what Allen will become if he is completely possessed by the 14th.

**Image source courtesy HM & IEM

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