Basquash! OP cum Nike Ad O_o

Basquash! OP is brought to you by Nike!
OP Theme: nO limiT by Eclipse

I didn’t feature Basquash! OP in my Spring ’09 OP/ED quick impressions because it wasn’t shown in the first episode when I did my first overview. Anyway, the new OP theme ‘nO limiT’ by Eclipse can be seen in the second episode which aired recently. The animation visuals are very bright and colourful with a slick feel and a lot of things to look at. It’s a very busy sequence indeed. Of course, the OP doubles as a Nike Commercial too with it’s familiar swish and the shoe designs featured prominently in the opening sequence. Not sure if I find the song likable. I suppose it was ok except for some parts of the vocals that sounded a tiny bit out of sync when they sing the fast bits of the song. I still rank the OP quite highly on my list even though it can’t beat Phantom’s OP which sits atop of my Spring ’09 best OP/ED list.
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