Spring ’09 Quick Impressions – OP/ED Part 3

I’m back with Part 3 of my quick look at the crop of OP/ED from Spring 2009’s new anime series. It’s the last of the bunch that I’ve trial watched. I had fun watching all the pilot episodes. There are of course some hits and misses among those that I pick but I know which ones I’ll be keeping on my watch list and which OP/ED themes really made a strong impression.

Part 3 covers Tears to Tiara, 07-Ghost, Before Green Gables, Ristorante Paradiso and Eden of the East (Higashi no Eden).

Tears to Tiara ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラ
Tears to Tiara is another one of those series that is based on a game. It’s a tale of fantasy, magic and adventure that takes place in a medieval setting. I watched the first episode simulcast on Animax out of curiosity. Well, I wasn’t exactly wowed by it especially since it was quite hard to make out what’s going on when you can barely see the visuals of the scenes that took place entirely at night. The studio should learn a thing or two from Kuroshitsuji which in my mind made the best use of shades, lighting, gradient, textures and layers that gives the night time animation visuals more depth. The bgm weren’t that impressive either as I find the composition/score to be rather typical sounding. But this is only the pilot episode and therefore these are just my initial impressions.

OP Theme: Free and Dream by Suara

Nice to hear Suara singing an energetic OP number this time round. Those who watched White Album (TV) will know that she sang the slow and mellow ED theme ‘Mai Ochiru Yuki no Yoni’. Suara proved that she can do both ballads and upbeat numbers well. Free and Dream is a suitably punchy track to open the Tears to Tiara series, giving it just enough excitement to draw the viewers in to want to watch the episode. The OP animation sequence is rather average, with shots of the T2T characters and some cuts of action scenes taken from upcoming episodes. It’s not the best that I’ve seen but the song is alright.

ED Theme: Blue Sky, True Sky by Aira Yuuki

Oooh, the ED song is rather nice. In fact, I think Blue Sky, True Sky is a stronger and more memorable theme than the OP. I also preferred the ED sequence much more than the OP’s. In fact, the way the song cut started reminded me of the RideBack ED theme ‘Kioku’ and it’s ending sequence. I like that it started out slow and then the beat picks up and goes uptempo with the visuals fitting the momentum. Aira Yuuki’s vocals just grasps at you at the opening verse and then there’s the very catchy chorus to follow on. I’d love to hear the full song when the ED single comes out.

07-Ghost セブンゴースト
I was worried that Studio Deen will mess up the animation with their adaptation of 07-Ghost and tsk, I’m certainly not far from that assessment after watching the pilot episode. What’s redeeming is the bgm scores composed by Kotaro Nagakawa. It’s gives drama where it’s due. That’s good enough for a first impression. Despite me wanting to bash Studio Deen for ruining Teito’s character design, I’m still going to watch the following episodes because Frau, my favourite character has yet to appear.

OP Theme: Aka no Kakera by Yuki Suzuki

What struck me with the opening visuals is the number of spoilerish scenes that were included in the cut. You can pretty much tell which team is black or white, so to speak. The OP theme works well the sequence and generate enough dramatic vibes suitable for the dark themes of the series. Still, it’s not the most standout song that I’ve heard thus far.

ED Theme: Hitomi no Katae by Noria

Again with this series, I find myself liking the outro song much more than the intro. I like the watery blue visuals of the ending theme. Future characters are seen in the cut as well. There’s an underlying sadness that runs beneath all the dark overtones and the ED theme managed to carry this through quite well.

Before Green Gables (TV) こんにちは アン; Konnichiwa Anne
Prequel to Anne of Green Gables. I still remember watching the original live action drama and it made me want to visit Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia just to see the beautiful scenery. This new anime adaptation is suitably recommended for kids. It’s a delightful fun filled adventure of a bright red-head little girl that’s sure to appeal to younger viewers.

OP Theme: Hikari no Tane by Azumi INOUE
Cute opening song. Kiddies will like it.

ED Theme: Yattane March by Azumi INOUE
Equally cute ending theme. Kiddies will march along to the tune for sure. LOL.

CD Title: World Masterpiece Theater ‘Konnichiwa Anne: Before Green Gables’ Intro Theme “Hikari no Tane” / Outro Theme “Yattane March”
Artist: Azumi Inoue
Release Date: 20-May-2009
Catalog No.: COCC-16249
Label/Distributor: Columbia Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Source: cdjapan

Ristorante Paradiso リストランテ・パラディーゾ
One of the new anime titles that I’d wanted to see the most this Spring. The first two episodes didn’t disappoint. It’s nothing like the other series that I’ve trial watched and yeah, I like it. Interesting drama building up with the equally interesting and quirky characters. Probably going to blog it regularly as well. The bgm is sassy though, very classy and jazzy scores that exudes warmth and comfort, brimming with old world charm…very fitting indeed.

OP Theme: Marigold by Orange Pekoe

Now this is my kind of music. I am so going to get the single. I love Orange Pekoe! The song is just so smoking that I don’t really pay much attention to the OP visuals in the beginning. However, I do enjoy the understated/muted tones of the animation visuals that accompanies the song. Works great but the zesty music is even better.

ED Theme: Suteki na Kajitsu by Lisa Komine

Daijoubu! It’s fine, indeed it is fine. What a classy club jazz kind of  tune to end an episode. Ristorante has successfully provide me with a fabulous OP and ED theme that I truly enjoy and loved equally. I can’t say much more than I already did. Time for hot cuppa!

Eden of the East 東のエデン; Higashi no Eden
Spring ’09’s highly anticipated anime impressed me much at first view and it’s nothing to do with sausages and johnnies, mind you. (LoL) Morita…err…I mean Akira is cute despite his abnormal *flasher* habits. I’m definitely going to follow the story through till the end.  I like what I’ve heard of the bgm so far.  The score moves the necessary scenes along quite well and projects that movie kind of quality to the episode. In fact, it doesn’t feel like I’m watching a regular anime at all but a feature film especially with the way the bgm is used.  So yes, I like where this whole thing is going.

OP Theme: Falling Down by Oasis **
2nd best OP animation sequence after Phantom’s. Not much more I want to say about the song as I’ve already my wrote my overview of ‘Falling Down’ here. Great visuals paired with a fab song. I like!

ED Theme: Futuristic Imagination by School Food Punishment

Best ED animation sequence by far, beating out K-ON’s ED. Again, a fab theme sung by an oddly named but understated band, accompanying the superb ending visuals. One of the best ED songs among the crop I have heard.
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2 thoughts on “Spring ’09 Quick Impressions – OP/ED Part 3

  1. Thank you for this post 🙂 Some of the OP/ED were new to me – I am glad I got a chance to hear them 🙂

    Both song and visuals of Tears of Tiara ED are well done. It does sounds somewhat similar to Kikoku 🙂

    07 Ghost ED song was nice also 🙂

    I love music in Ristorante Paradiso! 😀 The ED is quite bizarre with that dancing bear hehe

    The OP of Eden of the East is nice, but does not fit my taste. I do like the song though. The ED art is creative and the song fits quite well.


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