CD Single – White Album Character Song 2~Rina Ogata

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White Album’s Rina Ogata to release her latest single!  Preview ahead. Let the Sound of Destiny resounds through the Universe. 😛

This is the second character song Single release from TV anime “WHITE ALBUM” featuring the insert songs “SOUND OF DESTINY” and “Glass no Hana” performed by Nana Mizuki as Rina Ogata. The first character single was by Aya Hirano as Yuki Morikawa.  I have to say I prefer Rina’s songs over Yuki’s so she gets featured here.  Sound of Destiny is surprisingly to my liking, more than I expected. It’s a current interpretation of  retro j-pop and Nana’s singing sounds almost May’n-ish.  It has that rough edge to it which actually suits the song just fine.  That’s how I imagined Rina’s singing to be anyway as she has more vocal experience than Yuki. The second insert song ‘Glass no Hana’ is a beautiful ballad which I really like as well…it’s just so Rina and the music styling did managed to capture that retro feel with the solo saxophone going on at mid break. Very nice.  Rina’s awesome, support her Single…nuff said.

CD Title: White Album” Character Song 2 Rina Ogata
Artist: Rina Ogata (Nana Mizuki)
Release Date: 8-Apr-2009

Catalog No.: KICM-3189
Label/Distributor: King Records
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

02. ガラスの華 **
04. ガラスの華 OFF VOCALS

Buy Originals. CD available at cdjapan, play-asia or yesasia.

8 thoughts on “CD Single – White Album Character Song 2~Rina Ogata

    • Sorry Tsukushi, I don’t have the English lyrics for the song yet. But if anyone else checking out this post have the translations, please do share. 🙂


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