CD Single – Falling Down by Oasis (Higashi no Eden’s OP)

Getting an aural feel for Higashi no Eden’s (Eden of the East) Intro Theme ‘Falling Down’ by Oasis.


Falling Down is the 3rd single from Oasis 7th and most recent studio album ‘Digg out your soul.’ It’s certainly not related to J-music. But the reason why I post this brit band’s release is because the titular song will be used as the opening theme to Kenji Kamiyama’s anime series ‘Eden of the East’ which is set to premiere on 9-Apr-2009. Unless someone can point otherwise, I think this is actually Oasis first anime collaboration.

Higashi no Eden Promo Pic

I’ve a love-hate relationship with the band’s music but I like ‘Digg out your soul’ and ‘Falling Down’ happens to be one of the better tracks from that album. I thought it made a good single release. What about as an OP? When I first heard that Higashi no Eden is going to feature this as their intro theme, I was quite excited. Snippets of the song can be heard on the anime’s trailer. Eden is one of the most anticipated anime on my watch list so I’m curious as to how the OP sequence will be like.

The single also features a b-side track ‘Those Swollen Hand Blues’, a song that exudes a heavy beatlesque sound with feedback effects, parts of which sounded similar to ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’. I just thought it didn’t sound original. At least, Noel’s vocals isn’t as annoying. 😛

Two remix versions of the title track are also included on the single. One is called ‘the gibb mix’ and the other is ‘the prodigy mix’. Naturally, my preference if for the original version but the remixes sounded rather good as well, particularly ‘the gibb mix’ as I like the way the song begins with a heavier bass rhythm.

Well, if you find a whole album of Oasis songs a trifle too much for your ears, then you might want to get just the singles. Falling Down is pretty good and worth a listen…and yes this is based on my opinion. Tracks are available for preview at 7digital (link after the tracklist).

CD Single: Falling Down
Artist: Oasis
Date Released: 9 Mar 2009

Catalog No: B001RTYKJK
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Single
Label: Big Brother

01. Falling Down ** (original version)
02. Those Swollen Hand Blues
03. Falling Down (the gibb mix)
04. Falling Down (the Prodigy version)

Digital Downloads available at 7digital or and CD Single is available at HMV and your nearest record store.

2 thoughts on “CD Single – Falling Down by Oasis (Higashi no Eden’s OP)

  1. The song was very well utilized in the trailer. Of all the previews and commercials I’ve seen, Eden of the East was the best. It just shows how good the director is.


    1. ayumikat

      I have seen the first episode and yes, the director is very crafty with the usage of the bgm composition…based on what I’ve noted.


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