Koukaku no Regios ED2 Single – Ai no Zuellni by Chrome Shelled

Music Post!

Chrome Shelled’s second ED Single for TV anime ‘Chrome Shelled Regios.’

Chrome Shelled’s second ED release carries the same format as their first ED ‘Yasashii Uso’. Basically, there are two new songs on the Single i.e. the title track ‘Ai no Zuellni’ and a b-side track ‘Silent Talk’. The rest of the tracks on the album are duet versions and karaoke versions of the titular song plus instrumental versions of both. Like ‘Yasashii Uso’, I just felt it redundant for them to include the same song sung with different female voices. Oh well, I still prefer the original mix of ‘Ai no Zuellni’ which is quite a nice rock type ballad. Of the duet versions, the track with Leerin Marfes was the better one out of all the duets. The other song ‘Silent Talk’ is a raunchy pop-rock number with lots of guitars and synth which I quite like. There’s nothing silent about it as the title seems to imply. 😛 I guess if you like ‘Yasashii Uso’, then you’ll probably like ‘Ai no Zuellni’.

CD Title: Ai no Zuellni
Artist: Chrome Shelled
Date Released: 1-Apr-2009

Catalog No.: AMG-7004
Label/Distributor: wint
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. Ai no Zuellni Original Mix**
02. Ai no Zuellni w-z Leerin Marfes**
03. Ai no Zuellni w-z Mayshen Torinden
04. Silent Talk Original Mix**
05. Ai no Zuellni w-z Leerin Marfes ~ instrumental
06. Ai no Zuellni w-z-o Leerin Marfes ~ instrumental
07. Ai no Zuellni w-z Mayshen Torinden ~ instrumental
08. Ai no Zuellni w-z-o Mayshen Torinden ~ instrumental
09. Silent Talk Inst.
10. Ai no Zuellni Inst.

Support Originals. CD available at yesasia or cdjapan.

3 thoughts on “Koukaku no Regios ED2 Single – Ai no Zuellni by Chrome Shelled

  1. Oooo.. Do you happen to know the name of that techno music insert song? If I remeber correctly, they play it over the preview of the next episode.


    1. ayumikat

      That 24sec piece of short music is titled ‘Preview’ (lol). It’s a bonus track (# 36) from the KnR Soundtrack album ‘Sound Restoration’. The piece is actually an excerpt of the full track titled ‘Battle Fever – Kei’, which is the 3rd track on the OST. Hope that helps!


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