Genji Monogatari Sennenki ~Genji~ Original Soundtrack

Music Post!

A short overview of the OST for TV anime ‘The Tale of Genji’. 

Seeing as the anime ended just recently, I thought it fitting to take a look at the OST and post my usual overview of the music that accompanied the series. Before I go any further with the music, I must say that I thoroughly enjoy watching Genji and it turns out to be one of my favourite series from the 2008/09 Winter Season. I love the music, especially in the way it is used to convey or express the visually artistic representation of the anime. It’s very beautiful, fluid and ethereal.  One can feel the calmness, tranquility and charm that certain pieces evoked and others that subtly carry the dramatic undertones that even tug at your heartstrings. The music also work well to project the period feel of the long bygone era.

The soundtrack incorporates a mixture of traditional oriental, classical and modern musical styles. There seems to be a continuity or connection between certain pieces where you can make out the base of the main theme flowing through those tracks.  It’s only natural because all the pieces combined to make up a whole complete story that is ‘Genji’. There are altogether 27 tracks on the album. I thoroughly enjoy listening to the entire soundtrack, one of the best in my OST collection and one that I’ll keep listening to. S.E.N.S Project did a wonderful job producing the music and clearly did not disappoint. I say this because there’s not a single piece that I didn’t like.  This OST is highly recommended if you love period style oriental music.

Album Title: Genji Monogatari Sennenki ~Genji~ Original Soundtrack ♥♥♥
Composer: S.E.N.S PROJECT
Category: Animation Soundtrack
Date Released: 25-Feb-2009

Catalog No: KSCL-1353
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. 高雅 Kouga **~ Elegance
02. 憂愁 Yuushuu ~ Melancholy
03. ひたむきな想い Hitamukina omoi **~ Earnest desire
04. 春爛漫 Haruranman ~ Glorious Spring
05. 霧雨 Kirisame **~ Light rain
06. 情念 Jounen ~ Passion
07. 朝明 Asa mei ~ discernment
08. 懸想 Kesou ~ affection in morning
09. 馴染み Najimi **~ intimacy
10. 若葉 Wakaba ~ Young leaves
11. 陽転 Youten ~ Positive Change
12. 童子 Douji ~ Child
13. 優美 Yumi ~ Grace
14. 白日夢 Hakujitsu yume ** ~ Fantasy
15. 少女 Shoujo ~ Girl
16. 暗転 Anten ~ Blackout
17. 葛藤 Kattou ~ Conflict
18. 孤影 Koei ~ Lonely shadow
19. 恋慕 Renbo ~ Love
20. ときの移ろい Toki no utsuroi**~ Changing time
21. 述懐 Jukkai ~ Recollection
22. 安閑 Ankan ~ Idleness
23. 雅男 Masao ** Elegant man
24. 至幸 Ita sachi ~ Reaching Happiness
25. 出逢い Deai ~ Coming out to meet
26. 愛執 Ai shitsu ~ Affection
27. 冬景色 Fuyu keshiki ** ~ Wintry Landscape

CD available at cdjapan, yesasia or play-asia.

9 thoughts on “Genji Monogatari Sennenki ~Genji~ Original Soundtrack

  1. Bittersweet Osculation

    do you know where to get the mp3 of the song in episode 6 of Genji where he and to no chujo dance. he attracts the sister of the empress by the way

    i thought the dance’s name was “the waves of the blue sea” or something like that


    1. Ayumikat

      @ Bittersweet, as far as I know, the very short piece of music wasn’t on the soundtrack nor was there any other ost release from the anime. I’m not sure if there’s any extras on the DVD release.


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  3. Thank you for posting this 🙂 I love music in this anime 🙂

    My favorite tracks are: 01, 03, 18, 21, 26 (some of them are alternative versions of the same composition). 🙂


    1. ayumikat

      Aww…you’re welcome! 🙂
      It’s true that a few tracks are re-interpretation of the main theme tune ‘高雅’ (elegance) albeit conveying different nuances, moods and emotions. They’re rather short though. Nearly all of the tracks are short but interesting pieces. I love all the pieces so it was quite difficult to pick lead off favourites but I finally ended up with the main theme, tracks 3 ‘ひたむきな想い’ (earnest desire), 9 ‘馴染み’ (‘familiarity’), 26 ‘愛執’ (affection)- the violin virtuoso is so heart tugging beautiful, made me feel teary and, 27 ‘冬景色’ (wintry view) as among the pieces that stood out. I could easily change my mind again…haha 😛 I love S.E.N.S!


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