ED Single – Kousuke Atari’s Koi

Music Post!

Kousuke Atari’s new single ‘Koi’ is finally released!

Atari’s latest single includes the outro theme to TV anime ‘Genji Monogatari Sennenki -Genji’ titled ‘Koi’ which means love. The title song actually sounds a bit similar to ‘Natsu Yuuzora’ particularly the beginning of the verse. It’s quite a nice and laid back ballad, quite fitting as the ED theme for Genji especially in the way that Atari vocalized the song. The full song has a lovely refrain at 3.07 that makes it even better to listen to than the TV-sized version. The single also includes 2 b-sides i.e. track 2 ‘fairy tale’ which is the Japanese version of a Chinese pop ballad written by Wang Guang Liang and track 3 ‘mermaid’, another slow pop ballad. I find that the music arrangement for ‘mermaid’ to be a bit weird with the mix of jazz type vibe and the sudden inclusion of the ‘erhu’ slightly past the middle section of the song. Anyway, if you like pleasant music and ballad type songs, then this single is a recommended listen.

CD Title: Koi
Artist: Kousuke Atari
Date Released: 25-Mar-2009

Catalog No.: ESCL-3163
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. 恋**
02. 童話**
03. 人魚**
04. 恋 ~instrumental

Buy Originals. CD available at yesasia, cdjapan or play-asia.

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