D.Gray-man Chapters 180 and 181

DGM Manga Catch-up!


Here’s killing two birdies with one stone with me just having read Chapters 180 and 181 of D.Gray-man. Seems that Timothy’s ‘possessive’ innocence does have its limitations. His ability does not allow him to jump from one akuma to the next, unlike human possessions. This is due to the increase in sync rate each time he uses his powers during a single possession which will weaken his energy and prevents him from taking over another akuma vessel. Furthermore, once he leaves an akuma vessel behind, it will be purified by the innocence and disappear completely. That means he can’t go back to it. The other thing being that if he possess a low level akuma, his powers will be limited to that level…meaning, he can’t pwn something that’s stronger than what he possessed. The boy still needs to figure out the extend of his innocence’s abilities. I suspect that it’ll evolve further the more he learns how to use it properly. Let’s not forget his type of innocence leaves his real body vulnerable to attack. Perhaps the Black Order could help him figure some way of protecting his real body when Timmy’s innocence is busy possessing a vessel…of course, this can only happen if he joins the Exorcists.


Link is alive but is still quite battered. He returned back to almost normal but still carries some side effects of the dark matter, which was reversed when the akuma was purified by Tim’s innocence. It seems that he jumps in to battle the level 3 before he could recover properly since Tim is unable to continue possession. I’m just glad he’s still alive.


I was expecting the Black Order to send some backup to help Allen and the gang. Well, the backup team did arrived in form of Section Chief Reever who came to free the jailed finders held up at the Police Station. And he isn’t alone. Two strange looking blokes from Central accompanied him. With the freed finders in tow, Reever and his team head to the orphanage. They quickly found out that the orphanage is under some kind of barrier and they are unable to break through. Well, that is until one of the peculiar bloke from Central step up and managed to open a portal in the barrier. One of them has already sensed something strange about the building the minute they got there. I think those two guys knew immediately it was the work of the enemy.


In the meanwhile, Link barely held up against the level 3. With Kanda, Marie and Allen busy battling the level 4 and at the same time being distracted in trying to protect Tim and the others, the Exorcists are having a tough time. Link was about to be smacked by the Level 3 when the guy from Central who broke through the barrier steps in to bloke the attack. The level 3 was taken by surprise as it is unable to sense any innocence in the guy who in turns cast a powerful spell to reverse the attack, absorb the akuma and destroys it. Link, who looked stunt thought he recognized the voice of the person and realized that the person is from Crow. He wondered why is a Crow member present at that place.

I am more and more intrigued with the mysterious Crow unit. We were only told that they are a secret unit of Central and their members are highly skilled. Link is one of them. But it’s the first time we’ve seen someone who is not an innocence user destroy an akuma with the used of spells. These guys are on another level altogether. I hope Hoshino will reveal more of this group and whether they served as a hindrance to the Exorcists or they are there to aid. I’m thinking that they are sent to monitor the Exorcists.


With the level 3 out of the way, Allen, Kanda and Marie can now focus on fighting the Level 4 without distraction. They were badly beaten back previously because of the situation with Tim and the other kids. Hopefully they get on top of things and beat the level 4. Looking forward to see Allen and Kanda fighting together and showing what they are truly capable of. Lastly, Allen and Kanda really looked awesome in their new uniforms.

**Image Source: Basement Scans and Justinfive

2 thoughts on “D.Gray-man Chapters 180 and 181

  1. Wow, that’s what I call a through analysis of Tim’s abilities. Honestly, whenever I read DGM, all I ever think about is ‘beat this Akuma already.’ I don’t care how, as long as they beat it in no time! LOL.

    Oh my, how long are they going to keep us waiting? I want that next chapter already.


    • Yup, next chapter shd be an interesting battle. I wanna see Kanda’s mugen do some damage to the lvl 4. But I think this time, lvl 4 has gotten stronger than before. This one seems to have evolve somewhat from the previous time Allen fought the one at the Order’s old HQ.Even then, it took General Cross to really defeat the other one. But I’m hoping with Kanda regaining his mugen, we shall see some interesting fight from these two Exorcists against the new lvl 4.


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