OST Review – Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou Original Animation Soundtrack

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Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou’s OST is out! ❤ ♥

I’m so glad that the OST is finally out as I have been anticipating this release since the first one last year. The new album included the bgm pieces from Season 1 that were not featured in the first OST. Of course, new bgm pieces from Season 2 made up most of the album which also includes the TV-sized versions of Season One’s ED ‘Natsu Yuuzora’, Season 2’s OP ‘Ano hi Time Machine’ and ED ‘Aishiteru’. I must say that I love Zoku’s OST more than the first one because many of my favourite pieces are found on this album.

The musical tracks composed by Yoshimori Makoto are very much reflective of the series, evoking the delicate moods, emotions, feelings, sentiments and themes that shaped the atmosphere in each of the stories being told. The most simplistic arrangements are also the most startlingly beautiful and nostalgic ones on the album. I love how well the series has integrated the gentler pieces into their stories. The music is just beautifully interwoven with the scenes making them memorable.

There are also some funny and hilarious bgm pieces as well, recalling the delightful amusing moments of the series. I like how they made used of some unusual instruments to create peculiar sounds on a couple of these tracks. There’s even a Natsume character song titled ‘Ayumiyoru Yuuki’ which is performed by Hiroshi Kamiya. I can’t help laughing while listening to that little song because I never heard Hiroshi Kamiya sing before. I thought it was amusingly cute…and funny! 😀 But the cutest bit is Nyanko’s adorable purr…I’m sure quite a few people will be using that as a message tone on their mobile phones…including me. 😛

There are lots of fabulous pieces and I enjoy listening to most of them because of the attachments they formed to the stories in the series but there are several standout music that are simply wonderful compositions on their own.  Anyway, here are my pick of favourites from Zoku’s OST.

Stellar tracks:

19. 春を知らせるもの~続夏目友人帳のテーマ ♥♥♥
~ A lovely piano centred piece with light strings arrangement and a gentle melody that tells of the waning days of winter, this is my favourite piece of music and is also the series main theme. It’s just so identifiable with the show.

10. いとはかなし ♥♥♥
~ This traditional oriental Japanese piece is the most beautiful bgm used on the series and is another favourite of mine. Very soothing to listen to.

01. きみが呼ぶなまえ~夢のつづき ♥♥♥
~ A sentimental solo piano piece that’s one of the most memorable bgm on the show…somehow, listening to this tends to make me think of rainy days.

02. あたたかい雪景色 ♥♥♥
~ It feels like the onset of Spring with wild baby blooms appearing on the ground and an excited cat frolicking amongst the newly budding flowers or in Nyanko’s case, chasing after birds…lol.

04. 奇妙な現実 ♥♥♥
~ Ah…this is too cute not to like…lol. Just listen that weird and quirky sounds. This is like the funniest piece of music ever…on the album. It sounds like a frog got in there too. xD

07. 夢うつつ ♥♥♥
~ One of the scenes with this bgm shows winter melting into spring and that’s the kind of image the music evokes in my mind.

13. きらめいててご免 ♥♥♥
~ I call this the Natori music…it’s amusingly cheeky. Very seventies jazzy lounge feel to the music arrangement which is something quite unexpectedly different.

18. 桜の咲く頃に ♥♥♥
~ Another moving and beautiful piano centred piece with a delicate melody that builds up to a dramatic crescendo and then falls gently back down. It feels like the music is telling the listener a story. One of the loveliest bgm. I called it Miya’s theme.

Album Title: Zoku Natsume Yujin Cho Ongaku Shu Itouruwashikimo

Category: Original Animation Soundtrack

Music Composer: Yoshimori Makoto

Date Released: 18-Mar-2009

Catalog No.: SVWC-7611
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. きみが呼ぶなまえ~夢のつづき Kimi ga Yobu Namae~Yume no Tsuduki
02. あたたかい雪景色 Atatakai Yukigeshiki
03. ふるさとの匂い Furusato no Nioi
04. 奇妙な現実 Kimyou na Genjitsu
05. たぬきだるまのブルース Tanuki Daruma no Blues
06. ひとつずつゆっくりと Hitotsuzutsu Yukkuri to
07. 夢うつつ Yume utsutsu
08. 橙色の時 Daidaiiro no Toki
09. いつも傍に Itsumo Soba ni
10. いとはかなし Ito wa Kanashi
11. 中級のおもてなし Chuukyuu no Omotenashi
12. 上級のおもてなし Jyoukyuu no Omotenashi
13. きらめいててご免 Kirameitete Gomen
14. おひつじ座の怪人 Ohitsujiza no Kaijin
15. 狐火の走る森 Kitsunebi no Hashiru Mori
16. 天駆ける力 Amakakeru Chikara
17. こころをきめて Kokoro wo Kimete
18. 桜の咲く頃に Sakura no Saku Koro ni
19. 春を知らせるもの~続夏目友人帳のテーマ Haru wo Shiraseru Mono~Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou no Theme
20. 歩み寄る勇気 Ayumiyoru Yuuki~Natsume Takashi Character Song
21. 夏夕空 TVバージョン Natsu Yuuzora (TV Size)
22. あの日タイムマシン(TV SIZE) Ano Hi Time Machine (TV Size)
23. 「愛してる」~夏目友人帳Ver.~ Aishiteru (TV Size)
24. にゃんてこった! Nyante Kotta!

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5 thoughts on “OST Review – Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou Original Animation Soundtrack

  1. Yes, I see what you are saying. I just think that not letting people hear anything at all – not even 30 sec – without signing up is not nice of Imeem.

    Thank you for the alternative link 🙂 I enjoyed that track, and it reminded me of music from Tale of Genji 🙂


  2. The OST is truelly awesome, thank you for the info X33 By the way, the piece which is number 10 is spelled Ito wa Kanashi ;)いとは – is read ‘wa’ when it’s after a word (long to explain) かなし ^^ My personal fave too ^^


  3. Very nice OST 🙂 Thank you for posting this 🙂

    My favorites are number one and 13, but I can’t listen to 10 because it says I have to be signed in 😦 Number four has peculiar fun sounds 🙂


    • I’m happy to be sharing good music. 🙂 Glad you like them too.

      Well, I guess Imeem only let members have full access to whole complete songs on the site. Non-members can listen to limited number of full tracks but not access all except 30 secs samples for obvious reasons. Wonder if I’m making any sense? LOL

      Anyway, here’s an alternative link to the full track *ito wa kanashi* which I think you won’t have a problem with. 🙂


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