Single Review – Megumi Nakajima’s Nostalgia

Music Post!

Megumi’s latest single release!

CD Title: Nostalgia [Regular Edition]
Artist: Megumi Nakajima
Release Date: 11-Mar-2009

Catalog No.: VTCL-35066
Label/Distributor: Victor Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

Megumi’s second single includes the CD’s title track which is the theme song to Japanese TV drama series ‘Daisuki! Itsutsugo’ and ‘Tenshi no Enogu’ a macross song made popular by Mari Ijima aka Lyn Minmay. There is also another new song on the b-side called ‘Shining on’. Her updated rendition of Tenshi no Enogu (Angel’s Paint) is rather enjoyable. She seems to be having fun singing the song and it shows up in her vocals. I thought the uptempo disco-pop arrangement made the song sound very current.  Macross purists though, might not like it.

I like the lead-off song ‘Nostalgia’ as well where she has shown much improvement in her singing, veering away from the ‘Ranka’ style. But then, she seems to revert back to her ‘Ranka’ mode on the second filler track ‘Shining on’ which made me go :-/. I guess the sweet sound appeals to younger teen fans. Still, this a listenable disc. It just made me excited for her new song ‘Sou da yo’ which some say is even better than ‘Ao no Ether’. Having heard the little sample on Gabriela Robin Site, it does have a beautiful melody and gripes, I’m dying to hear the full version…which we won’t get to until the Frontier movie is released.

01. ノスタルジア Nostalgia
02. Shining on
03. 天使の絵の具 Tenshi no Enogu
04. ノスタルジア(Piano Ver.)
05. ノスタルジア(instrumental)

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