Album Review – Miyano Mamoru’s Break

Music Post!

Presenting Miyano Mamoru’s first album release!

The man behind the voice of anime characters like Yagami Light in Death Note, Kiryuu Zero in Vampire Knight, Kuro in Kurozuka, Setsuna F. Seiei in Gundam 00, Tamaki in Quran High School, Death the Kid in Soul Eater and etcetera, etcetera…finally releases his first solo album entitled ‘Break’.  He not only voice act but sing as well.  Prior to this, he has previously released 3 other pop-singles (excluding the character single ‘Soup’), some of which are featured on this album.

Miyano possess a soothing voice and yeah, he can sing quite good too.  I like his falsetto tones.  It’s very contrasting to how he voice acts where he can go really deep but on the songs his vocals are lighter.  His style is very much suited to light RnB pop-type numbers as evident on this album although, he sings a couple of good ballads as well.

My favourite in particular is ‘Nocturne’.  It’s a slow moving ballad with a beautiful melody that showcase his vocal range. Track 12 ‘Ai ni Iku yo’ is also another ballad that I like.  It’s more of a RnB type ballad with a slow groove. Of the mid-uptempo pop/RnB numbers, I like ‘Break a road’, ‘KissxKiss’, Discovery and ‘BE’ which happens to be the lead off single.  The jazz tinged song titled ‘Boku no Kiseki’ is a pretty cool and cute number where Miyano sings in quite a jazzy playful way…amazing falsetto at the end.

The only song which I thought were abit off for Miyano’s voice is track 11 ‘Rain’.  Apparently, rock’ish type songs do not suit his voice.  It just sounds a little weird hearing him going off range…sorry, Mamo-kun…you’re not Hyde-sama.  Stick to groovy tunes cos it’s more your style.

01 Break a Road
02 KissxKiss **
03 Discovery
04 BE **
05 nocturne **
06 …君へ
07 いつか
08 卒業デイズ feat. SMILY☆SPIKY
09 ぼくのキセキ
10 久遠
11 Rain
12 会いに行くよ

Support Originals. Buy the CD at yesasia or cdjapan.

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