Single Review – Ayaka Hirahara’s Akane

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What prompted me to listen to this single is Ayaka Hirahara’s lovely vocal rendition of the musical score ‘Futatabi (Reprise)’, a track that was featured on Ghibli Studio’s ‘Spirited Away’ OST and is a Joe Hisaishi composition, of course.  It’s a beautiful song with fabulous music orchestration, the melodious flute and strings providing a very classical feel. Ayaka’s vocals are equally beautiful. She had a much better range here than she did singing the titular track ‘Akane’. The main single is actually the theme tune for TV series ‘Nippon Junrei Kokoro ni Hibiku 100 no Basho’. The song is a mellow pop ballad very fitting for a drama series with the dramatic orchestration. Ayaka possessed a good voice but I do find her range a little on the monotonous side on this track. Other than that, it’s a single that’s still worth listening to especially for ‘Futatabi’.  I also recommend the instrumental version of the track….the music is just magical although less dramatic than the original score. This one is more like a strip down chamber music arrangement…sort of.  🙂

CD Title: 朱音 [あかね] Akane
Artist: Ayaka Hirahara
Date Released: 25-Feb-2009

Catalog No.: MUCD-5148
Label/Distributor: King Records
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. 朱音 あかね Akane  (**click to listen)
02. ふたたび Futatabi  (**click to listen)
03. 朱音 あかね Akane ~Vocal-less Track~
04. ふたたび Futatabi ~vocal-less track~ (**click to listen)

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