D.Gray-man Chapter 179

179th Night: Timothy’s Innocence


This feels weird because I haven’t been doing any DGM post for donkey years. But the big news is that Hoshino Katsura is back at work, finally. Glad she got better. Anyway, DGM’s latest manga chapter was released recently. I’m not going to go blow by blow on what happens in the chapter though. It’s mostly about Timothy’s innocence and it’s true awakening which is spurred on by his rage at seeing the closest persons he has to a family getting killed by the merciless akumas.

Timothy took possession of the level 2 akuma to try and save Emilia and the others. He gets to see and communicate with his innocence true form somewhat. It’s called Divine Possession and I think that Timothy can activate it to a higher level if he manages to utilize his powers properly. The kid is still kind of surprise at his innocence’s transformation and so are the akumas.


Next chapter will probably reveal more of Timothy’s powers. I’m curious to see what his innocence can do apart from possession. Link is spotted to be very much down and out…I hope he’s not dead. Hopefully, we’ll get to see the other Exorcists and their battle with the Level 4 as well. The last time we saw of them (and that’s quite a long while ago), the Exorcists were badly pawned by the uber powerful Level 4.

**Credits: Images & chapter scanlation by justinfive.

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