CD Single – ON/OFF’s Hana Kagari

Quick Post!

I love ON/OFF’s latest single! ❤

The Sakamoto twins, Kazuya and Naoya, are back and they sound rather good. ON/OFF’s 4th single titled ‘Hana Kagari’ is something of a slight departure from their previous Singles in terms of sound. Their latest release is a lot less melodramatic than their Vampire Knight OP contributions which I must add I didn’t particularly enjoy. This title track is a melodious song with a traditional style of arrangement especially with the sweeping layers of harp, complemented by the light flute and piano in the background. The harp arrangement almost sounded like the Chinese ‘Guzheng’…it’ll be great if they did used ‘Guzheng’ which happens to produced one of the most beautiful melodic sounds that I love to listen to. The twins’ vocals sounded lovely as well. The second track is  much more of your average commercial j-pop type of song, not as good as the lead off track but still quite hip and listenable.

Edit: Something just came off my mind after listening to Hana Kagari…If only ‘Genji Monogatari Sennenki’ adopt this as the OP theme, it’ll be so much more fitting then Puffy’s Hiyori Hime…just a thought.

CD Title: Hana Kagari
Artist: ON/OFF
Date Released: 4-Mar-2009

Catalog No.: SMCL-165
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. 花篝-ハナガガリ- Hana Kagari
02. 跳ね返す勇気 Hane Kaesu Yuuki

Support Original. Buy the CD at cdjapan, yesasia, or play-asia.

5 thoughts on “CD Single – ON/OFF’s Hana Kagari

  1. solo quiero que sepan que on off o mas bien nahoya y kazuya son lo mas lindo que halla visto y escuchado son unos vacanes las tima que ni vengan a colombia que yo seria una de la primeas que irea eso se los aseguro gracias (arigato)


  2. Haiko-chan

    yeah,i love this one too.The music reminds me of their culture and Japanese tradition (which i don’t know how to describe ’em). I love it a LOT! This Sakamoto brothers really great,now they manage to have their own album,”The Legend of Twins”.I wish i could buy it in my country (-_-). ~as I’m not Japanese haha~


    1. ayumikat

      Heya, I reckon their first album has been released. I think you can order the album online thru either cdjapan, yesasia, play-asia or 🙂


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