Mell’s RIDEBACK OP Single

Quick Post!

Early Preview: Fifth single release from MELL featuring intro theme to TV anime “Rideback”.

Rideback’s OP Single includes the original version which is sung in Engrish, the Japanese version, a remix version and an instrumental version of the title track. The edgy electronica infused number creates a strong opening theme for Rideback and Mell is a pretty good singer…she possess a good vibrato. Having said that, I don’t really fancy her singing in English…it’s sort of a drawback for the track. I supposed that’s the reason I preferred the Japanese version which did include a few verse sung in English. A mixture of both is better. Having said that, the single is not really a favourite of mine. But it’s definitely a lot better than Mami Kawada’s Masterpiece.

Artist: Mell
Date Released: 4-Mar-2009

Catalog No.: GNCV-15
Label/Distributor: Geneon Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 2

02. RIDEBACK~Japanese ver.
03. RIDEBACK~Re-mix ver.
04. RIDEBACK~instrumental

Support Originals. Buy the CD at cdjapan, yesasia or play-asia.

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