Album Review – 高鈴 Callin’s Hibi no Uta ヒビノウタ

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New album release from J-pop duo Callin’ includes TV anime Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou outro theme ‘Aishiteru’.

CD Title: ヒビノウタ Hibi no Uta

Artist: 高鈴 Callin

Date Released: 18-Feb-2009

Catalog No.: SRCL-6979
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

Drawing of Natsume and Nyanko-sensei
Yes, I finally listen to the entire album a few times over. I love the overall feel of the music. It’s such a relaxing album. Some might complain such a laid back album would put them to sleep…but I digress and say what’s wrong with that. It’s a good album to sleep by…no kidding. You’ll have sweet and pretty dreams as a result (lol). I also strongly disagree that Yohko is better suited to singing preppy commercial pop songs. Now that would be a total waste of a good voice. You already have a dime, a dozen of half-baked female j-pop singers doing that.:-P

But seriously, this is the kind of album and music you can wind down to at the end of a stressful, tiring day…be it from work or school. It gives a very delicate acoustic vibe. Furthermore, lead vocalist Yohko sings really well and possess a lovely pleasant voice that gently caresses the songs she delivers. If you don’t already know, the duo that made up ‘Callin’ are vocalist, Yamamoto Yohko and guitarist, Yamaguchi Akihisa. Callin also composed all the songs on their new album.

Favourite picks:
01. Houseki ~ Short, sweet and mellow. Just lie back and listen to her voice and the solo piano playing with light strings. It melts you in the moment.

03. 愛してる ~ I dare add that this album contains one of Winter Season’s best ED themes in ‘愛してる’ – for TV anime Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful ending themes I heard as compared to all the other Winter ED themes I’ve listened to. The lyrics and the music along with the fabulous vocalizing made this one memorable and meaningful song.

04. Cherry Star ~ Very jazzy feel…the kind of song that makes you think you’re sitting on a street cafe along River Seine, watching the world go by.

07. Shishuu ~ Reminds me of a childhood lullaby.

08. Kirei ni na Are ~ This is the closest you’ll get to a commercial-pop feel from the album.

01. 宝石 Houseki (**click to listen)
02. FLY
03. 愛してる Aishiteru ~ Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou ED (**click to listen)
04. チェリースター Cherry Star
05. 四角い部屋の迷路 Shikakui Heya no Meiro
06. カット Cut
07. 刺繍 Shishuu
08. きれいになあれ Kirei ni na Are
09. 涙なんかいらない Namida Nankairanai
10. すこしずつ Sunishizuto
11. アーチ Arch

Support originals. CD available to order at cdjapan or yesasia.

9 thoughts on “Album Review – 高鈴 Callin’s Hibi no Uta ヒビノウタ

  1. Eyes

    I completely agree with you, ayumikat. ^-^
    I’m thinking of buying her CD instead of just downloading the music. I tend to buy music CD if it’s more than worth listening too. nice review, btw.


  2. Merushi

    Thank you very much for the review on this album.
    I was searching the internet for information on Callin’ (or Kourin, don’t now what the exact difference is between the names) and thanks to you I finally found the names of the two artist of Callin’. It’s really hard to find the right information on the internet of anime songs, particulary if you can’t read Japanese characters ^^’


  3. i love kourin so much that everysong stay on my before-sleep playlist so long :p. listening to them made me at ease, sometime with tears flows from my eyes before i know it, cause it remind me much to my late fiancee. 🙂 ,,i just wish someone would be kind to provide the lyric for other songs.. :).. do you know where to find it ? ^_^


  4. ^_^ Chiwasu~,
    I Really Love this band =3 But I’ve Been Having Trouble finding Callin’s Other Albums/Singles Or even Any Info On Them..Does Anyone Know Where to Find either of those things?
    Arigato De Arimasu~


    1. ayumikat

      It’s true that very little info about this J-pop duo is out there. They’re a pretty understated band despite having a few singles to their name and two albums out, the latest being Hibi no Uta. But you can check out their earlier stuff at cdjapan.


  5. Patricia B

    I love the entire album! I’ve always liked Aishiteiru from Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou but only recently have I acquired the entire album. This the first time wherein I’ve loved the entire album of an artist.


    1. ayumikat

      I’m glad you enjoyed Callin’s album. They’re such an understated duo and they’ve written some lovely laid back songs which nice to listen to. 🙂


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