Album Review – Kanon Wakeshima’s Shinshoku Dolce

Quick Post!

Kanon Wakeshima’s first full album release!

Cellist and fresh faced singer, Kanon Wakeshima made her debut in the j-music world through her involvement in singing both ending themes for TV anime Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty respectively. She is releasing her very first solo album titled ‘Shinshoku Dolce’, which features 13 tracks including the songs she initially releases on the Vampire Knight cd singles. The first and last tracks on the said album are actually instrumentals (musical prelude and postlude).

The album is also produced by Malice Mizer’s Mana. Not surprising that her songs carries the Gothic inspired theme’s moody and depressing atmosphere. There is a good mixture of mid-tempo and slow numbers. Most of the tracks on the album are peppered with classical music arrangements infused with electro-beats.

Kanon has the tendency to sound vocally the same on the tracks she sings. There are tracks where she would begin the songs in soft vocals and others where the tone is just similar through out. It does get mediocre after a while when you lack depth and expressiveness in vocal delivery.  There seems to be an inclination to rely heavily on the moody music arrangements to carry half the songs through. While it is fresh to listen to the classical style interludes, having such arrangements on every other songs on the album gets old pretty quick. Therefore, I can’t say I find any of Kanon’s songs outstanding…a few favourites yes but nothing that screams out as particularly great. All in all, an average first effort at best with lots of room for improvement for the future.

My personal picks:
Track 05: Maboroshi – 60s inspired style of music arrangement that reminds me of a Petula Clark number although not in the same cheerful vain.

Track 11: skip turn step – originally a b-side track on her single Suna no Oshiro…sweet, light and cheerful melody, different from the other songs on the album. This is one of the more memorable songs on the album especially with its catchy chorus.

Track 12: Shiroi Kokoro – Love the beginning with the keyboard/piano and the sad solo cello weaving in to the vocal parts. It’s my favourite song on the album.

Album Title: Shinshoku Dolce [Regular Edition]
Artist: Kanon Wakeshima
Date Released: 18-Feb 2009

Catalog No.: DFCL-1526
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. sweet ticket
02. 真紅のフェータリズム Shinku no FATALISM
03. 鏡 Kagami
04. still doll(album ver.)
05. マボロシ Maboroshi
06. アンニュイ気分! Ennui Kibun!
07. 砂のお城 Suna no Oshiro
08. Monochrome flame
09. L’espoir ~魔法の赤い糸~ L’espoir ~Mahou no Akai Ito~
10. 黒い鳥籠 Kuroi Torikago
11. skip turn step♪
12. 白い心 Shiroi Kokoro
13. sweet dreams

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5 thoughts on “Album Review – Kanon Wakeshima’s Shinshoku Dolce

  1. megumi chan ..

    i lOve her sOngs a LOT!!..
    haha sumtyms is sOunds lYk EMO 4 me ..
    haha ..

    dat’s Ol ..
    haha ..xD


  2. Ssx

    Her songs are the best I ever heard! ^_^ It have beautifull interesting melody, with amazing instruments, with Gothic elements, and the best is that her songs are mix of classical music and stilles, some songs are so close to Bach or Beetowen stile…great musician!


  3. ayumikat

    The ED songs she did for VK suited the anime’s theme. Still Doll and Suna no Oshiro both possessed similar haunting melodies with spooky background vocals along with some really great cello playing. I agree that they’re quite different from any other ED themes.


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