Casshern Sins ED3 Single – Hikari to Kage by Shinji Kuno

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Shinji Kuno’s 4th CD single release features the 3rd outro theme to TV anime ‘Casshern Sins.’ It’s the ‘Boku wa…’ song.

This cd single was released in late January but I only got to listen to it recently. Shinji’s 4th single features the 3rd Outro theme for TV anime ‘Casshern Sins’, which I may add is one of my favourite series from the 2008 Fall Anime Season. ‘Hikari to Kage’ otherwise known as the ‘Boku wa..’ song, is a very beautiful moving ballad, one of the most touching one I’ve come across this year. The vocals accompanied by the very bare simple orchestration and music arrangement serves to bring out the song’s emotions all the more. The melody and tone of song is full of melancholy. I know that some find Shinji’s vocals on the high side, somewhat annoying but I beg to differ. I thought it’s just perfect for the song. One of my favourite ballads this year and one which made me go a little teary-eyed.

What of the b-sides or filler tracks?! The second track on the disc is ‘BFO’ …dunno what it means but heck, it is such a contrast to the titular track with its sunny cheerful disposition, jangly acoustic guitar strums and melody that really brightens up the mood and atmosphere by a gazillion degree.  It turns out to be a very strong song on its own and one of the better b-sides I’ve listen to of late.  Shinji makes everything he sings believable….makes me want a hug now. The third track is Shinji’s acapella take of the legendary Freddie Mercury classic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. I’m surprise by this inclusion….while he does possess high vocals, Shinji suffers from the ‘engrish’ malady…I couldn’t make out what he’s singing really. The intonation isn’t there and also, he does not have the depths of expression singing such a difficult song. In the end, his version came off  more than a little flat.  It’s an admirable attempt but he’s better off sticking to what he sings best. 😛 To me nobody sings like ‘god’ Freddie….Bohemian Rhapsody is untouchable.:-)

View Casshern Sins ED3 Clip here:

CD Title: Hikari to Kage
Artist: Shinji Kuno
Date Released: 28-Jan-2009

Catalog No.: MUCT-5021
Label/Distributor: King Records
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. 光と影
02. BFO
03. ボヘミアン・ラプソディー アカペラ

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5 thoughts on “Casshern Sins ED3 Single – Hikari to Kage by Shinji Kuno

    1. ayumikat

      Ah…I see. Thanks for telling me. I couldn’t make out what he’s saying after beautiful… 😛 and I hadn’t look at the lyrics either…but now that you mentioned it, I took a look at the lyrics…:-D


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