Druaga No Tou OP Single – Questions? by Nakamura Yu

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Nakamura Yu’s Druaga no Tou OP Single ‘Questions?’
Questions? is one of the better OP singles from the 2009 Winter season (imo) and is among my favourites so far. The titular song is the OP theme for Druaga no Tou~The Sword of Uruk~ anime series and is sung by Nakamura Yu. The song choice is very fitting for the anime’s opening sequence. It’s a very punchy lively pop-rock track with an awesome intro leading to the first verse and bade you to song along by the time you reach the chorus. It helps that Nakamura’s vocal delivery is well suited for the song. The other song on the single is a B-side track titled ‘Today’, a mid-tempo pop-rock number that’s worth listening to although it’s not as catchy as the main track. Definitely a single that I’ll be listening to quite a fair bit on my playlist.

CD Title: Questions?
Artist: Yu Nakamura
Date Released: 28-Jan-2009

Catalog No: AVCA-29087
Label/Distributor: avex trax
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1


Support Originals. Buy the CD at cdjapan or yesasia.

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