Druaga no Tou ED Single – Maho Tsukai Desu Kedo by Fumiko Orikasa

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Orikasa Fumiko’s Druaga no To ED Single Release!
Maho Tsukai Desu Kedo is the ending theme song for Druaga no To~The Sword of Uruk and is sung by Orikasa Fumiko. It’s quite a cute song although I am not too sure if it’s the most suited song for the series. The B-side 2nd track is more or less in the same cutesy generic vain.  Again, it’s not a song I’d listen to if it wasn’t for the anime.

CD Title: Maho Tsukai Desu Kedo
Artist: Fumiko Orikasa
Date Released: Jan-28-2009

Catalog No: AVCA-29088
Label/Distributor: avex trax
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. 魔法使いですけど。 Mahotsukai Desu Kedo (**Click to listen)
02. ひとりごとですから… Hitorigoto Desu Kara…
03. 魔法使いですけど。(Off Vocal)
04. ひとりごとですから…(Off Vocal)

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