White Album ED Single – Mai Ochiru Yuki no Yoni by Suara

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Suara’s White Album (TV) ED Single Release ‘MaiOchiru Yuki no Yoni’

It’s funny how I tend to like songs that most others don’t. And this is the case with White Album’s OP and ED where I clearly favoured the Ending Theme over Mizuki Nana’s ‘Shin Ai’. Yes, yes I agree that ‘Shin Ai’ is the most suited song for the anime’s opening because of the 80-ish flavour that it has going for it. However, the better sounding melody to my ears is still the outro song. Besides that, I really love Suara’s beautiful crystalline vocals. She has that gentle quality in how she expresses the song and it shows in ‘Mai Ochiru Yuki no Yoni’. To me, she’s the better singer than Nana-chan many times over. 😛

CD Title: TV Anime White Album Outro Theme ‘Mai Ochiru Yuki no Yoni’
Artist: Suara
Date Released: Jan-28-2009

Catalog No: KICM-4027
Label/Distributor: King Records
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. Mai Ochiru Yuki no Yoni (**Click to listen)
02. Koi no Yokan
03. Maiochiru Yuki no Yoni (Instrumental)
04. Koi no Yokan (Instrumental)

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One thought on “White Album ED Single – Mai Ochiru Yuki no Yoni by Suara

  1. Indeed, it is a nice song 🙂 She has a gentle pleasant voice and music is good too 🙂 This song reminds me of some other anime song, but I can’t quite figure out which one…


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