Vampire Knight Chapters 46 and 47

Vampire Knight Manga Catch-up

Been a while since I post any chapter updates of the VK manga, my last one being Chapter 45. I had purposely waited for the VKG anime to complete its season run before putting my focus back to the manga. Now that Lala has released chapter 47, I’ll post my thoughts on both the previous Chapter 46 and the latest one together.

As usual, many thanks to ardent and dedicated VK fan in Japan, Sagakure for getting the VK chapter scanlation out so quickly. She’s amazing as always. You can read the latest scanlated chapter in English and summary at Sagakure‘s LJ site as I won’t be doing any chapter summing up here.

Thoughts on Chapter 46 and 47:
Way back in my post on Chapter 43, I mentioned that things are going to be different between Yuki and Zero especially with the personal changes that has occurred to them. The effects of these changes culminates in their bittersweet parting of ways in Chapter 46. Both had suffered much and come a long way to reach a defining moment in their relationship which leads them to make the painful choices that will bring them towards different paths. Both had also come to the realization they can’t possibly return to the lives they once had because of the changes each had encountered. The only way is to leave the past behind and move forward even if it means separate ways. I, for once is glad that Zero has at last made a decision for himself, to do what he wants to do without anything or person holding him back. Him, being able to finally lay his feelings out to Yuuki is the first indication that he is going to walk away from her or at least, the girl he thought he knew. For Yuuki, she too figures out where she needs to be and who she has always been, a pureblood vampire. She knew that she can’t change what she is but to embrace her true identity. For now, the best person who can guide her is Kaname as she realized this herself when she picks up the rose in resin (the gift from Kaname) and painfully leave behind the pictures of her friend Yori and the one with Zero. The way the story is plodding on, I’m quite sure both Zero and Yuuki will cross paths again. And when that happens, I am doubtful of Zero’s intent on carrying out his threat to kill Yuuki. Oh so the drama!

With the Day Class now aware of the Night Class true identity, it may or may not augurs well for those who are championing the Chairman’s cause of peaceful co-existent between humans and vampires. Perhaps with the knowledge that not all vampires are craving lunatic monsters, it will be easier for them to foster greater understanding and to prevent what seems like a looming conflict between humans and vampires. And that’s where the Day Class students can help spread the message. People fear what they do not know or understand. It is also what Kaname wishes, at least that is what he revealed to Yagari and the others. But with the Vampire Council members being eliminated, how does he intends to quell the uncertainties of the vampire community after what has happened? I doubt that the Night Class aristocrats will have an easy time, not with the doubts circling their own community. It’ll be interesting to see what responsibility is Kaname taking and now that Yuuki’s identity is coming out into the open, will Hino-sensei create a shockwave in the vampire community…since there’s another Kuran pureblood in existence. Then there’s the matter with the other purebloods like Sara Shirabuki, that might work against Kaname’s pacifist idea. What of Chairman Cross himself? The H.A seems to be in disarray and is currently ‘headless’. Him getting arrested might not be too good for his school’s reputation and Zero, since the H.A is still out to get him. Shouldn’t Yagari be clearing the matter off with what’s left of the H.A since he has been investigating the corrupt alliances between the higher-ups of the Association and the Council? Poor Ichiru…highlight of this chapter has to be Zero carrying Ichiru’s body…tragic victims of circumstances, resulting from greed and power conflict  stemming from the dealings and manipulations of those in the H.A and V.C. Hope more will be reveal next chapter as we are truly heading into the second arc now.

**VK Chapter images courtesy of the ever wonderful SGK. 


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