White Album OP Single – Nana Mizuki’s Shin Ai

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Preview of Nana Mizuki’s single ‘Shinai’, the opening theme for White Album.
I am not exactly a fan of singing V.As but the titular track works well as the intro theme for the anime series White Album. It does sort of have an eighties vibe to it. The other two b-sides aren’t my cup of tea either but I wonder if these tracks are going to be used in the anime.

CD Title: TV Anime White Album OP ‘Shin Ai’ (Japan Version)
Artist: Mizuki Nana

Release Date: 21-Jan-2009
Catalog No.: KICM-1270
Label/Distributor: King Records
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. Shinai (**Click to listen)
02. Pride of Glory
03. 午前0時の Baby Doll

Support originals. Buy the CD at yesasia or cdjapan.

3 thoughts on “White Album OP Single – Nana Mizuki’s Shin Ai

  1. I heard that ED song, and I agree that it is good 🙂

    I never really listened to Nana – I just accidentally found out that it was her who sang Discotheque that was one of my favorite songs in 2008 🙂

    Yes, the ED song of Rideback is better 🙂


  2. So you like ‘Shin Ai’ 🙂 My preference though is for the ED ‘Mai Ochiru Yuki no Youni’ because I love Suara’s beautiful voice. Mizuki Nana is quite a talented V.A. but I just can’t bring myself to listen to her songs all that much because, I don’t find her voice appealing. However, ‘Shin Ai’ does capture the eighties essence/style of music. The visuals are simple and made to be that way, I guess. Speaking of RideBack, love the ED more than OP. Younha wins with ‘Kioku’ 😛


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