New Album Release – Maaya Sakamoto’s Kazeyomi

Album Release:
kazeyomi cover1
Maaya Sakamoto’s 6th studio album ‘Kazeyomi’ is now out. Been anticipating her new album since the release of her previous single ‘Ame ga Furu’ last year. ‘Kazeyomi’ includes several anime song themes that she did. These include Macross Frontier’s OP1 ‘Triangler’, Kurogane no Linebarrels ED1 ‘Ame ga Furu‘ and ED2 ‘Remedy’, Tsubasa Chronicle’s OP ‘Sonic Boom’ and ED ‘Saigo no Kajitsu’. An interesting note is that she also did a cover of ‘Ao no Ether‘, the insert song from Macross Frontier’s Episode 21, originally sung by Ranka (Megumi Nakajima). I guess it’s only natural as she wrote the lyrics to the song. Take a listen to Maaya’s version (link below) and see what you think of it.

Album Title: Kazeyomi
Artist: Maaya Sakamoto
Date Released: 14-Jan-2009

Catalog No: VTCL-60085
Label/Distributor: Victor Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01 Vento
02 トライアングラー Triangler
03 風待ちジェット〜kazeyomi edition Kazemachi Jet
04 Remedy
05 雨が降る Ame ga Furu
06 Get No Satisfaction!
07 蒼のエーテル Ao no Ether
08 失恋カフェ Shitsuren Cafe
10 ピーナッツ Peanuts
11 さいごの果実 Saigo no Kajitsu
12 Colors
13 カザミドリ Kazamidori
14 ギター弾きになりたいな Guitar Hiki ni Naritai na

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2 thoughts on “New Album Release – Maaya Sakamoto’s Kazeyomi

  1. ayumikat

    I agree with your assessment. For the anime, Megumi’s version is just perfect for Ranka whereas as a performance song, Maaya definitely has a much better vocal delivery. I love the raw and simple piano arrangement in Maaya’s version. I can imagine her singing this song live in an intimate setting. Simply beautiful. Ao no Ether is still one of my favourite songs from MF. 🙂


  2. Maaya Sakamoto is just great! I love her songs 🙂

    She even wrote the lyrics for Ao no Ether! 🙂 I prefer Sakamoto’s performance to Nakajima’s because you can feel a nice range and her singing fit the lyrics better, but Nakajima’s performance fit Ranka character more.


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