Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou Episode 01

Episode 01: 奪われた友人帳 (the Stolen Book of Friends)

Scenes from the OP sequence

First Impression:
I am likely to have a bias opinion about this series because I loved the 1st season when it aired last summer and it was one of my top 5 favourite anime series of 2008. This is a good series to watch when you want to wind down from a stress filled day. Whatever, the opening episode of Natsume’s Book of Friends Season 2 did not disappoint or dampen my enthusiasm for this anime in anyway.

It began much like the first episode of last season with Natsume being chased by a youkai and accidentally breaks a rope of a shrine, unknowingly releasing the spirit that resides in it. The spirit takes the form of a black Nyanko and drops in on Natsume’s home who mistakenly thought it was Nyanko-sensei getting dirty. Then we have some funny moments when Natsume tries to wash off the ‘dirt’ and the real Nyanko turning up, shocked at seeing the black imposter…lol.

The black Nyanko subsequently made away with Natsume’s book. The rest of the episode basically follows Natsume and Nyanko’s little adventure in the woods, trying to recover his book, encountering a youkai procession and eventually retrieving his book, learning the true form of the Black Nyanko. It wants its name to be returned after all.

It’s a rather enjoyable opening and Natsume made a new friend in the form of a pretty butterfly spirit. Madara’s reaction to being called an animal is hilarious. We also get to see some flashback on how Natsume first received the Book of Friends from his foster parents/guardians. I hope to see more of Reiko’s past being revealed in this season. She’s still very much a mystery figure. Initially she seemed like a mischievous person in her treatment of the demons and spirits but from recent flashbacks, she was also shown to be a person with a good heart.

Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou OP
‘Ano hi Time Machine’ by LONG SHOT PARTY

Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou ED
‘Aishiteru 「愛してる」’ by Kourin

I must say, the new OP theme is rather suitable and the opening visuals are a lot more colourful than the first season’s OP. In a way, it charts Natsume’s progress from being a total loner to someone who’s gradually opening up to real world around him. The intro theme is titled ‘Ano hi Time Machine’ by LONG SHOT PARTY. The new outro theme is as soothing as Atari Kousuke’s Natsu Yuuzora, with muted colours pervading the simple closing sequence much like Season 1’s ED. I’ll probably get the singles when they are released.

So yes, this is indeed a good start.

Next episode preview:

See more Episode 1 screencaps on page 2

2 thoughts on “Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou Episode 01

  1. puhnkss

    Thanks for blogging this. Been look forward to this since I read there would be a second season. I like that they’ve taken into account the actual season the episodes will be seen. Also, it would take a really cold and soul-less person to dislike Nyanko-chan don’t ya think? 😉


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