Naruto Shippuden OP4 CD Single – Closer by Inoue Joe

closer cd_cover00

Joe Inoue’s newest cd single includes anime series Naruto Shippuden’s 4th intro theme titled ‘Closer’. Two other new tracks called ‘Gravity’ and ‘Kangaetaku Nai -Can a guy talk all night?’ respectively are slotted as B-sides. A TV-sized and karaoke versions of ‘Closer’ is also included in the cd single. ‘Gravity’ happens to be an English song sung entirely in English. Joe is American born so the song doesn’t suffer from the ‘Engrish’ pronunciation. I really like the catchy opening theme and it’s a suitable song to launch Joe Inoue to a much wider j-pop audience seeing as the guy’s relatively new in the j-music industry. Preview selected tracks below.

CD Title: Closer (Japan Verison)
Artist: Inoue Joe
Date Released: 17-Dec-2008

Catalog No : KSCL-1322
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1


Click on the tracklist to preview selected tracks.

03 考えたくない ~Can a guy talk all night?~
04 CLOSER -NARUTO オープニング ver.
05 CLOSER -”ケリオキ”ver.-(KARAOKE)

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One thought on “Naruto Shippuden OP4 CD Single – Closer by Inoue Joe

  1. I would love to see this series, especially since I think the original Naruto series is so great. Only thing is, I’m not into subtitles (except when watching yaoi), so I’ll just have to wait until they dub it. Hopefully I won’t have to wait longer than six months.


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