2008/9 Winter Season – What’s on my Watchlist!

This year’s Fall Season harvest of shows is just so epic that the Winter Season list seems pale by comparison. That’s good in a way because it means I don’t have too many series crowding my viewing schedule like I have this Autumn. Most of the shows don’t really excite me or pique my interest. I’ll probably focus on the Winter selection of ‘Intro’ and ‘Outro’ themes. But there are a couple of new series from the offerings listed below that I thought would be interesting to watch…plus one anticipated sequel.


So what’s on my Winter viewing list?

New Series:

Maria†Holic まりあ†ほりっく
Official Site, ANN
~ Judging from the available synopsis, the premise of the story is quite hilarious. A girl searching for a yuri partner ended up meeting a very pretty cross dressing brat makes for an interesting comedy series. I certainly prefer this over Maria-sama ga Miteru S4.  Can’t wait to see the first episode.

Asakiyumemishi – The Tale of Genji 源氏物語千年紀
Official Site, ANN
~ I enjoy watching a good classic historical romance series from time to time and the anime adaptation of Genji certainly arouse my curiosity. Definitely like to see how the series will turn out and I suppose it’s either going to be a hit or miss.  Hopefully it’ll be good.


Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou 夏目友人帳
Official Site, ANN
~ Yay, it’s back. I loved Natsume Yuujin-chou season 1.  It was my favourite and most memorable show of the Summer season. Season 1 also produced my favourite ED theme of the year. So, it’s only natural that I will be following the sequel and this time I’ll be blogging the show. Besides, I want to see how much rounder or fatter has Nyanko-sensei gotten…lol. Can’t wait, can’t wait…

So there it is. Short and simple.

One thought on “2008/9 Winter Season – What’s on my Watchlist!

  1. Oh, that’s good – we’ll be watching Maria Holic and Tale of Genji together 🙂 Not many people expressed interest in Genji, so it is nice to hear that you’ll be watching it 🙂 I plan to read the book sometime at the end of the December if all goes well.


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