CD Single – Romantic by Rie Fu

This was out less than a couple of weeks ago. I thought I featured Rie Fu’s latest and 11th cd single here. It’s not one of her best work but Romantic is quite a bit of a different pace than her previous songs which are mostly ballad type pop songs. So it is sort of a nice change of beat from the norm. Of the two B-sides tracks, I really like ‘Money will Love You’. I love the easy listening, laid back melody of the song and the harmonic vocal arrangement. Besides, I have always love Rie Fu’s voice and she sings great in English too.

CD Title: Romantic
Artist: Rie Fu
Released Date:12-Nov-2008

Catalog No.: SRCL-6886
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

Click link on tracklist to preview track.

01. Romantic
02. In the Airplane
03. Money will Love You

Support originals. Buy the CD here.

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