Vampire Knight Chapter 45 – Cross kicks ass!


Well this weekend is certainly turning out to be quite a vampy one as I seemed to be doing a back to back VK posts.  First, it was Episode 7 of the Vampire Knight Guilty anime and now it’s Vampire Knight Chapter 45 of the manga series.  SGK has uploaded the latest scanlated chapter to the One Manga site.  Thanks to her incredible effort, VK fans get to enjoy this month’s chapter release earlier.  If you haven’t read it yet, head on over to the site and check it out.  Instead of posting a chapter summary, I’ll dive straight into my rambling impressions of the chapter.


VK Chapter 45 Impressions:
I’d mentioned in my previous post that this was a very exicitable chapter and in my opinion, the best one yet. There are a few significant plot developments in such a few short scenes and I believe we’re now headed into the second part of the VK saga. The first act mostly centers on events in and around the Academy. But the recent disturbances and troubles put the Academy’s continuing existence into a big quandary. I get the feeling that future events will take place away from the Academy in the second act.

This chapter reveals that the Vampire community is in a state of panic and confusion especially after the news of Kaname’s Vampire Council extermination begun to spread. As a result, the seeds of doubt is beginning to show even among those supporters loyal to Kaname. With Rido either truly dead or somewhat incapacitated (I like to think that he’s really dead), there’s the emergence of another pureblood vampire in the midst of the conflict and she is the terrifyingly beautiful Sara Shirabuki, of whom we got a short glimpse in the early chapters of the manga. Whilst it is not certain yet what role she will play, the impression I got is that she will probably be the new and powerful antagonist (Hino-sensei was quoted as saying that a new girl will enter the scene and I think it’s Sara). Afterall, it takes a pureblood to kill another pureblood and she appears to have that ominous bad vibe which leads me to think that her intentions towards Kaname isn’t a friendly one.
The part I’ve been waiting for is the confrontation between the Hunter’s Association and Cross Kaien/Yagari. In this regard, the chapter didn’t disappoint as we got lots of interesting revelations and finally some backstory of Kaien’s relationship with Juri Kuran which I have been curious for the longest time.  It appears that his relationship with Juri goes way back even before Kaname and Yuuki were born. Cross did set up the Academy in it’s present state (with day class and night class) because of Juri’s encouragement and that reason alone upsets quite a few people, both from the Hunter’s side and the Vampire Council’s side. The Hunter’s side thinks that he’s betrayed their code whereas the Council’s side deems such a co-existence as a fool’s dream. It’s mentioned that his fate is similar to that of the Kiryuu twins which goes to show why he was and still is a powerful hunter whose skills are above the normal hunters (much like Zero is).

The revelation that the Hunter’s president drank the blood of a pureblood to gain strength is quite illuminating and reveals how corrupt the Association really is and that the corrupt few has become a tool for the Council to gain powers and support for their unholy objectives. All along, Cross is aware of this and has pretty much avoided the Association until now. I’m still hoping he will avoid arrest but with the way things are going and how much he really wants to prevent causing any more problems for his school, it is likely that he will surrender himself to the Association. I’m just glad the trap-like Hunter’s president is turned into dust. Good riddance. But poor Cross. He really is super awesome in this chapter and his resemblance to Zero is so uncanny.
What of the standoff between Yuuki and Zero?  Well, it seems that Kaname now enters the fray and yup, the stand off continues….until the next chapter which is due out on 24-Dec. Will there be any resolve on their part? I think that Cross might step into the fray as well and snap Zero out of his current state…at least that’s what I’m hoping for anyway. Why? If you look at the deeper end of the pool, Zero’s predicament pretty much mirrors that of Kaien Cross, all those years ago when he too tries to eliminate all purebloods. I have one minor gripe though…am disappointed that we weren’t shown what happens between Takuma and Ichiou.  Having Sara walks in and saying that she has to stop Takuma is not the same as seeing the situation as it happens.  Noo…Takuma, please don’t fall to the dark side.  That’s it…I’m out and waiting on the edge for the trio’s resolve and hoping that Hino-sensei won’t drag the stand-off for too long less it gets boring and loses excitement.

**manga scanlations courtesy of the ever wonderful SGK**

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