Naruto Shippuden ED7 Cd Single + Bleach OST 3 Album

This is one of the better ED/outro themes among the bunch of OP/ED singles that came out recently. HalCali’s Long Kiss Goodbye is a rather catchy song that’s pop-rock infused with a bit of rap and a snappy melody. It’s also Naruto Shippuden’s 7th ED. The B-side song ‘Flash’ is a rap infused electro track which sounds a little bit like a song from Perfume especially the chorus part. But instead of sounding cheesy, it’s got an edgier feel. Check the tracklist for a preview of the song.

CD Title: Long Kiss Goodbye

Artist: HalCali

Date Released: 12-Nov-2008

Catalog No.: ESCL-3132
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1


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If you like anime OST and Bleach in particular, then you’ll probably like Bleach’s latest OST. The album has got an overall Spanish/Latin feel in its music arrangements particularly the first half of the album. The song titles alone will clue you in.  There are some energetic acoustic guitar playing on a number of the tracks. A few tracks on the 2nd half of the album has got some ska-jazz influences which are rather cool to listen to.  The themes pretty much fits Bleach’s current Arrancar arc airing in the current season. This turns out to be quite an enjoyable OST album and in my humble opinion, possibly the best instrumental/bgm OST released this season.  I just thought that it’s something quite different from any soundtrack that I’ve listen to recently and I totally loved the music.  So if you’re thinking of having a Spanish fiesta themed Christmas party….this would be a great album to select your music from.  Now if only Bleach was this good…lol.  Oh ya, preview the first 4 tracks on the tracklist.

CD Title: TV Animation Bleach Original Soundtrack 3

Genre: Soundtrack

Date Released: Nov 05, 2008

Catalog No. SVWC-7590
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. La distancia para un duelo
02. Principio de lucha
03. Nube negra
04. clavar la espada
05. no regresar
06. Fiesta de guerra.
07. Batalla,Batalla
08. Andar errante.
09. Get Smart!
10. escalon
11. shady charade
12. quincy’s craft
13. dominio del chad
14. KO
15. magot’s dance
16. orihime’s line
17. soundscape to ardor
19. anguish
20. princess in captivity
21. cops’n robbers
22. dancin’ in the dunes
23. can’t back down
24. scoudrels
25. yours truly
26. turkish delight
27. ola! Arrancar Remix!!

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