D. Gray-man Chapter 177: Lonely Boy

This is a rather good and exciting chapter. A lot is happening away from the main fight between the three exorcists and the Level 4 akuma.  In the previous chapter, Link along with Timothy, the Director Nun and Emily tried to usher the kids to safety down in the basement. But something happens when they’re all down there and we see why in this chapter. The Director Nun and the kids who were with her have been infected with the dark matter from a Level 2 and were transformed into doll like figures. Emily got shot when she tries to rush to aid the kids and the Director Nun.

Seems like the manly nun whom I suspected to be working with the Earl turns out to be true after all. He-she is a human broker who made used of the Orphanage as a cover to supply the Earl with raw materials (meaning humans) to produce akumas in exchange for what else, but money. The Earl has probably recruit a fair number of human brokers who are overcome by greed, to work for him in someways. But in the end, those foolish humans will probably end up being turn into akumas themselves when their services are no longer required.  And that is exactly what happened to the manly nun.  All poor Timothy could do was stared in shock, horrified and got himself caught in the process.  The Earl’s team is going all out to get the innocence and Link realized that.

Link jumps into action like I expect he would to save the others who were in danger.  The akumas made light of the fact that Link wasn’t an exorcist and thought that he’s an easy kill.  “I may not bear the black robes but I bear the black feathers” was Link’s best and coolest lines in the manga.  Using one of his secret jutsu techniques, he attempts to immobilize the akumas and rescues Timothy from the akuma’s  clutches. But he had to avoid gazing at the akumas during the fight for more than six seconds or else he risk being inflicted with the dark matter.  Can he do it???


Link’s secret jutsu managed to trigger a huge explosion that shook the building which surprised and worries Allen above ground. How *nice* of the level 4 to disclose that it isn’t the only akuma around.  There were others.  Timothy managed to be freed from the akuma after the explosion but something had happened to Link.  Apparently, he failed the six seconds limit.  I am beginning to wonder if that’s the end of the road for Link but then I started thinking that perhaps this would trigger Timothy to start using his innocence ability.  Will Link be saved?

It’s pretty cool to see Link’s capabilities.  Even without innocence, his fighting skills are above normal. It’s going to be sad to lose him like that.  I hope that Hoshino is not going to kill him off just yet.  I expect Timothy to finally see what the exorcist is about and tries to help using his own abilities.  The exorcists are indeed having their hands full this time round.

**manga scanlations courtesy of basement scans**

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