ef~A Tale of Melodies OP Single: ebullient future – ELISA


Out now is Elisa’s new song ‘ebullient future’ which is also the intro theme to ‘ef~A Tale of Melodies’. I’ve been watching ‘Melodies’ and loved all the beautiful artistic and nearly stylized visuals of the show especially the opening sequence. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the intro theme. It’s one of my least favourites from the 2008 Fall season. The cd single features 5 tracks which includes 3 vocal tracks and 2 instrumentals. The title song comes with the English and Japanese versions. The other vocal track is called ‘Pray’.

I actually preferred the Japanese version of ‘ebullient future’. Maybe I’m just biased but it really does sound better in Japanese. Vocally, I thought Elisa sounded a little too strain on the higher notes. She does not have a strong voice. I like the violin break towards the middle part of the song. The guitar solo was a big too much though. ‘Pray’ is a cute pop ditty number much suited to Elisa’s style but I still find her voice a little too weak to pull off the higher notes. Anyway, check out both versions of the ‘ebullient future’ and decide which is your preference. Preview the selected tracks on the tracklist.

CD Title: ef ~ a tale of melodies. Opening ~ Ebullient Future (Japan Version)
Artist: Elisa
Date Released: 5-Nov-2008

Catalog No: GNCA-122
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. ebullient future (ENGLISH)
02. ebullient future (JAPANESE)
03. Pray
04. ebullient future (INSTRUMENTAL)

Support the originals. Buy the CD here.

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