Chaos;HEAD OP Single: F.D.D ~ Kanako Ito

Among the OP singles released today is Chaos;HEAD Intro Theme ‘F.D.D’ by Kanako Ito. The CD comes with 4 tracks; the opening song ‘F.D.D’, B-side song ‘Fly to the Sky’ and instrumental versions of the two tracks. F.D.D itself is a raunchy pop-rock type number which is quite listenable and rather fitting for the anime it’s used for. I actually like the 2nd song which has an interesting 2nd half refrain. Kanako Ito’s vocals are suited to the pop-rock tracks on this single.  Check out the tracklist for a preview of the selected songs.

CD Title: Chaos;Head Intro Theme: F.D.D [Regular Edition]
Artist: Kanako Ito
Date Released: 29-Oct-2008

Catalog No.: FVCG-1062
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1

01. F.D.D.
03. F.D.D. Instrumental
04. FLY TO THE SKY Instrumental

Remember to support originals. Buy the CD here.

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